Our latest shop update brought a mysterious new section into play: The Black Market.

To help you get a better feeling on how it will work, a new event will be launching that allows you to better understand the Black Market. After all, it’s always easier to learn by doing.

Now, let’s have a quick look at our brand new feature and event.

Black Market Overview

The Black Market is a brand new section of the Shop where all sorts of intriguing exchanges can happen. Here you will be able to trade in all sorts of different tokens, items and currencies for a variety of rewards.

For any trade available in the Black Market you will always be able to see:

  • The Trade Cost: Including both the amount and whichever item, token or currency it requires.
  • Available Stock: How many times you will be able to redeem the cost for a reward.
  • Available Time: The current time left before the trade expires.

You will mainly put the Black Market to use during events, where all sorts of collectibles, tokens and items can be redeemed for the appropriate rewards for the duration of said events.

However, Black Markets are mysterious places where all sorts of trades can take place, so keep your eyes peeled.

Prison Exchange Event

Start: Tuesday 4/28 11:00 AM PDT
End: Wednesday 5/6 11:00 AM PDT

Event Overview

Celebrate the release of our new Black Market with the Prison Exchange Event. The goal is to collect as many Cigarettes as you can through various means to trade in for rewards such as S-Class Collectibles, Platinum Mods and more!

The event will also help display the potential of the new Black Market as you will need to put it to good use in order to collect as many Cigarettes as you can.

Obtaining Cigarettes

You will have to ways to obtain cigarettes:

  • Black Market: A special tab in the Black will allow you to trade in resources for cigarettes, in limited stock but refreshing periodically.
    You will be able to trade in the following resources:
    • Supply Markers
    • Gear Markers
    • Survival Markers
    • League Tokens
    • Food
    • Materials
  • Axel’s Shop Roadmap: A new roadmap which you can complete 3 times a day, consisting of a single act in 3 stages. The final reward will be a Cigarette and each stage rewards a Resource Bag, to boost your Black Market trading capabilities.

The Prison Shop

Once you have collected your first Cigarettes, it’s time to enter the Black Market and see what rewards you can redeem them for:

Reward ItemBradyGear BagPlatinum Mod Box S-Class Bag*
Cost in Cigarettes151020

* The S-Class bag contains an S-Class Choice box and 200 Eugene Cards.

S-Class Choice Box Contents:

  • 400 Pete Cards 
  • 400 Priya Cards
  • 400 Laopo Cards
  • 400 Raulito Cards
  • 400 Hengyen Cards
  • 400 Aarav Cards
  • 400 Secretary Guo Cards
  • 400 Wangfa Cards
  • 400 Daiyu Cards
  • 400 Princess Cards
  • 400 Frost Cards
  • 400 Mercer Cards