We’re celebrating Golden Week, so for a limited duration, everything will have that extra shine to it.

We’ve got a few surprises lined up for you, some you will expect, and others… you’ve been expecting for a long time!

Special Offers

It wouldn’t be Golden Week without some tasty special offers. Be sure to have a look at our recently updated Shop every now and then, as we’ll have a special tab reserved for Golden Week in the featured section. Be sure to check it out! 

Golden Kendama Challenge

The Kendama Challenge’s Onii-san and rumored to have the strength of 10 Kendamas, the Golden Kendama Challenge makes an appearance on Golden Week!

During this challenge, you will also be able to put the new Black Market to use! Trade Kendamas for Golden Kendamas and trade your hard-earned Gold Nuggets* for a number of S-Class Collectible Choice Boxes!

*Previously collected Gold Nuggets will not be usable in this event.

Start: Friday 5/1/20 8:00 AM PDT

End:  Friday  5/8/20 8:00 AM PDT

Your main challenge will consist of 3 Roadmaps:

  •  Kendama Chance Roadmap:
    Through this roadmap, you will collect Kendamas allowing you to access either the Gear Roadmap or the Golden Kendama Road Map. Your choice!
    • Number of Acts: One 
    • Difficulty: Easy
    • Refreshes 3 times a day
    • Roadmap Unlock Cost: Free
    • Energy cost per stage: 10
    • Rewards a mystery bag containing Kendamas and a chance for a Golden Kendama
  • Kendama Gear Roadmap:
    If your main focus at the moment is to collect gear to help upgrade your characters, this is the roadmap for you!
    • Two Acts: Easy and Hard
    • Refreshes Daily
    • Roadmap Unlock Cost: 5 Kendamas
    • Energy cost per stage: 10 Easy, 20 Hard.
    • Rewards: Each act will award a choice box for Epic and Legendary gear respectively
  • Golden Kendama Roadmap:
    The big one! Complete the acts to claim Golden Nuggets, which are highly desirable in the Black Market during Golden Week!
    • Three Acts: Easy, Hard and Nightmare
    • Refreshes Daily
    • Roadmap Unlock Cost: 1 Golden Kendama
    • World Energy cost per stage: 20 Easy, 30 Hard, 40 Nightmare
    • Rewards 50, 100 and 200 Gold Nuggets per Act completion respectively.

New Gold Bar Fighter: S-Class Glenn!

To top off our Golden Week event, S-Class Glenn will become available for all players early next week! A collection will be made available for 10 Gold Bricks allowing you to claim the new S-Class Glenn.

We’ll be sharing more info on S-Class Glenn closer to his release, so stay tuned!

Also, new Knife collections will be made available so you can upgrade your brand new S-Class Glenn. Knives can be acquired in the Museum in exchange for Gold Bricks that players get for free each day in the Shop.

Note: Please be aware that the Knife Collection will only include enough claims to max out your chosen S-Class character. Be warned, if you decide to use your knives on previously claimed S-Class Characters, you will not be able to max out your Glenn with the current collection.