The new 23.1 update has just been released! Download it down to get access to the new Choice Box Stacking feature along with a few bug fixes. Check out the details below!

Choice Box Stacking

The Choice Box Stacking feature will help declutter the General tab of your inventory by stacking all Choice Boxes with identical contents into a single stack whenever possible, instead of each individual choice box requiring its own slot in your inventory.

Note: There may be some rare instances where boxes that appear to have identical contents may continue to not stack.

Old Inventory Functionality (No Stacking)

New Inventory Functionality (w/ Stacking)

Bug Fixes


– Fixed a reload that could happen when using the Claim All button in the Inbox if the player had a message to claim League Rewards on another region

– Fixed an issue where purchasing a Mystery Bag from the Featured tab of the Shop would put the bag in the player’s inventory instead of opening immediately


– Fixed a bug where the revive weapon effect wouldn’t give the revived teammate the defense buff if triggered via a Parting Shot

– Fixed a bug that would cause Manic to proc twice at the start of Survival Road when applicable

– Fixed a bug where Jacki’s weapon effect would not resist Confuse or Stun applied via a leader skill

We hope you enjoy our latest update!