UPDATE: After listening to player feedback, we have decided to remove the S-Class Choice Box D from the wheel and increase the chances to get the 6 star characters included in the wheel instead. Due to technical limitations, this update will be live sometime over the next month of June. Thank you all for your feedback on this and we hope you keep sharing your thoughts down the line.

Hello Survivors,

We’re happy to announce that we have a new update coming to the War Wheel by the end of next week! This exciting change is intended to fully integrate the War Wheel into the S-Class world. Please check out the details below:

War Wheel

S-Class Choicebox A1
S-Class Choicebox B1
S-Class Choicebox C1
S-Class Choicebox D1
Daiyu Card1,000
Raulito Card1,000
Princess Cards1,000
Wangfa Cards1,000
Minerva Cards1,000
Louis Cards1,000
Priya Cards1,000
Laopo Cards1,000
Hengyen Cards1,000
Secretary Guo Cards1,000
Amber – “What Comes After”1
Zachary – “The Whisperer War”1
Negan – “Call to Arms”1
Wayland – “Road to Survival” #31
Elle – “Road to Survival” #21
Sheldon – “Road to Survival’ #21
Jiafeng – “Typhoon”1
Ryan – “Road to Survival” #21
Mia – “Road to Survival” #21
Slater – “Road to Survival” #21
Kyle – “Road to Survival” #21

Choice Box Contents

Choice Box A
Pete Anderson Cards1,500
Guo Cards1,000
Frost Cards750
Clem Cards500
Choice Box B
Priya Cards1,500
Hengyen Cards1,000
Mercer Cards750
Shiva Cards500
Choice Box C
Laopo Cards1,500
Aarav Cards1,000
Princess Cards750
Davie Cards500
Choice Box D
Pete Anderson Cards50
Priya Cards50
Laopo Cards50
Raulito Cards50
Guo Cards50
Hengyen Cards50
Shiva Cards50
Mercer Cards50
Frost Cards50
Davie Cards50

If you would like to pull on the previous War Wheel make sure you do before it’s too late! We hope you enjoy this update.