Our upcoming new 25.0 Update is packed with quality of life upgrades and new updates, including a much-requested Fighter Roster update, updated Trainers, a new Level Up system, and a new look for our Fighter Dossiers. Our goal with this release is to reduce bloated rosters, improve fighter roster management, and simplify the level up process.

What’s changing:

  • Trainers are moving from the Roster to the Inventory and can no longer be used in fighter teams
  • All 2-Star, 3-Star, 4-Star and 5-Star Fighters can be converted into new equivalent XP Trainers in the Training Grounds for free.
  • Level-ups are now exclusively completed with XP Trainers
  • We are introducing a new way to use skill trainers such as Liliths and Ulysses to upgrade Fighter Rushes and Active Skills
  • We are introducing a new dossier with new skills icons
  • We are improving roster functionality with new filters, search functionality, stacking of duplicates

Read on for more details!

Trainer Updates

To free up Roster space and to improve trainer management, all Trainers are moving to the inventory in the General Tab:

Each Trainer type will have an inventory cap. Any excess Trainers received while at the cap will go to your inbox, where they will be stored safely for 7 days to allow you an opportunity to free up inventory space. Upon launch of the feature, players will be allowed to exceed their inventory caps one time when all Trainers are moved to the inventory.

With their move to the inventory, Trainers can no longer be equipped to Fighter teams. With this change, Benedicts can also no longer be used for Ascension. Players will automatically receive a free 5-Star Fighter Eugene for every Benedict currently on their roster when they download the new 25.0 release.

Additionally, all 1-Star and 2-Star Fighter drops from the World Map, Faction Assault, and Survival Road have been changed to the new 2-Star Trainer, Bo (see below).

Fighter Conversion in Training Grounds

All 2-Star, 3-Star, 4-Star, and 5-Star Fighters can now be converted to new types of experience Trainers that grant equivalent or better amounts of experience.

Fighter conversion will take place in the Training Ground in a new tab: Trainer Conversion. Here you will be presented with your roster where you can select as many characters as you want to convert into Trainers. You will then receive a confirmation screen, indicating the total amount of characters you want to convert and the final results of conversion.

Fighters can be converted as follows:

  • 2-Star Fighter (390 XP)  ->  Bo (390 XP)
  • 3-Star Fighter (630 XP)  ->  Bud (630 XP)
  • 4-Star Fighter (900 XP) ->  Bree (945 XP)
  • 5-Star Fighter (1260 XP)        ->  Brian (1320 XP)

A few notes on Trainer Conversion:

  • All experience values for low rarity fighters are maintained or improved. For example, if you convert a 3-Star Fighter worth 630 experience into the new Bud 3-Star Trainer, it will also be worth 630 experience when used in leveling up fighters
  • To help offset potential missing Persona matching bonuses (which can apply when leveling Epic fighters and below), all experience values for 4-Star and 5-Star Fighters are boosted by ~5% regardless of how they are used. When these fighters are converted into trainers, their experience values will increase.
  • Trainer conversion should be quick and easy. Simply select the filters you’d like, hit the “select all” button, and convert! There is no cost to converting your Fighters.
  • Use of the trainer conversion system will not interfere with Training Grounds that are currently actively training fighters, and will not require any changes to current fighter training queues.

New Level Up System 

With the new ability to convert Fighters into new XP trainers, we are able to significantly simplify the level up process and improve usability. In many cases, you will now be able to max a fighter with only a few clicks.

Level-ups are now exclusively completed with trainers

No longer will you have to scroll through hundreds of fighters to find the ones you want to use to level-up.

New Level Up Process

Here is an overview of the new Level Up screen:

Level Slider: The quickest way to level up your character is to drag the slider until reaching your desired character level. This process will automatically select trainers for you, optimizing to use as little Food as possible. Food costs per trainer will dynamically update every ten trainers consumed, in-line with the current level up costs. 

Players will be able to buy food from the Supply Depot or claim from food inventory bags directly through the level up process

“Max” Button: If you hit the “Max” button on the level up screen, the Slider will automatically jump to the max level possible given the resources you have. If you have locked Trainers, they will be omitted from this process. The trainer selection always optimizes for the least Food cost possible.

Specific Trainer Selection: Below the main slider, you will see a list of available trainers. If you want to save specific Trainers or prevent a Trainer from being selected, you can hit the Lock button in the top left of the Trainer icon which will prevent them from being used when the Slider is moved. Tapping on a specific trainer will bring up the following individual Trainer slider, used to manually fine-tune which trainers are used in the level-up process. 

New Skill Upgrade System

Skill Upgrades: Adrenaline Rushes and Active Skills are now leveled up separately from Fighter Level and no longer improve from the traditional level-up process. Navigate to the new Skills tab and hit upgrade on any skill to bring up the following screen:

As you move the slider, skill descriptions will be updated and the proper trainer will be automatically selected. 

In order to improve usability and speed up skill level-ups, we are consolidating the following trainers:

Previous TrainerConverted to
Trait Specific Active Skill TrainersUlysses
Persona Rush Trainers (Hannah, Lara, Stewart, Caitlin, Phebe, Rob)Meghan (new)

With these conversions, there will only be three skill trainers: Liliths and Ulysses which are used to level-up skills for 6-Star fighter/S-Class, and new Meghan trainers which are used to level up Rushes for 5-Star and below. These conversions will take place automatically when you first open the game after installing our 25.0 release. All areas in game that dropped or awarded legacy skill Trainers will now drop their new counterparts.

New Dossier

We’ve removed a lot of clutter and noise from our previous Character tab and made it easier to analyze at a glance. All fighters will now have new Skill Icons for Adrenaline Rushes, Active Skills, and Leader Skills, where applicable. Tapping on the icons will bring up the full Skill Descriptions.

The skills tab will also contain detailed information about your Adrenaline Rush and Active Skills, and also be the place to level them up.

The Combat mods and Weapon tabs are unchanged.

Updated Fighter Roster 

After adding search filters into the armory, we have decided to mirror the functionality in the Roster screen. There are now two new filtering options for players to search through the Roster:

Quick Filters

In our main screen, we have added a series of quick filters for you to organize your roster on the fly. By simply toggling the appropriate icons, you can now filter by:

  • Rarity
  • 5-star ascendables / non-ascendables
  • Trait. 

Each filter can be toggled on or off independently, and you can select multiple at once.

Advanced Filters

The advanced filters are packed with different options to allow you to find the specific characters you are after in a matter of seconds.

These filters include:

  • Text search field: Allowing you to search for specific keywords (like names, skills or effects). You can search by name – for instance searching “Rick” will surface all of the Rick’s in your inventory. You can also search by keyword – searching “Stun” will surface all fighters who have the word “Stun” in their Fighter card!
  • Sorting options:
    • Name
      • This will sort fighters alphabetically by name
    • Rarity
    • Level
    • Defense Stat
    • Attack Stat
    • HP stat
  • Special Toggles: These toggles affect the overall Roster view, and can be turned on or off:
    • Show Team Tags: Show which team or teams a character is in.
    • Stack Duplicates: Duplicate fighters will stack on themselves to remove clutter. Stack counts are indicated by a number on the bottom right hand corner of the fighter card. Only exact fighters of the same level, tier, and rarity will stack together.
    • Leader Skill: Only display characters with leader skills.
    • Teams to Top: Show all characters included in a team at the top of your roster.
  • Filters: A full list of toggleable filters, allowing you to filter your roster by Rarity, Trait and Role. Note on S-Class: they will automatically filter to the top when selecting for 6-Star rarity.

Other Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Fixed a bug where selecting Save after selecting a faction supporter wouldn’t immediately work if changing from a supporter that had a fixed weapon


  • Fixed a bug where if the Epic weapon effect that applies Heal Block at the start of each turn gets resisted, no resist callout would happen
  • Fixed a bug where Manic would proc after weapon effects on subsequent waves in combat
  • Fixed a bug where Damage Over Time Mod effect callouts would display that they’re applying the base value of the mod, not the total value
  • Fixed a bug where having the DoT reduction epic weapon effect when dying from Infection would cause an incorrect death state


  • Added a pop-up to show all rewards claimed using the Claim All feature in the Inbox
  • Improved Dylan’s custom weapon effect callout to be more accurate to what it does

25.0 will arrive in Beta soon!