We’ve already seen your questions starting to pop-up over in Discord, and we’re happy to announce that Battle Pass 3 is just around the corner!

Battle Pass 3 Dates

Start: 10/12/20 12:00 PM PDT

End: 11/30/20 12:00 PM PST

Royal Coin offers end:  12/3/20 12:00 PM PDT

We’re also bringing in a few tweaks based on your feedback this season, to hopefully make the experience more rewarding, easier to track, and more inclusive for all levels of play.

Before we check all the rewards in store, let’s have a quick look at the main updates you can expect in Battle Pass 3.

  • Weekly and Season challenges:

There will be 2 types of Battle Pass 3 challenges; Weekly challenges will last for 1 week while Season challenges are meant to be tackled during the entire duration of the Battle Pass. Weekly challenges will include objectives based on Combat, Tournament participation, and Resource collection or use, while Season Long objectives will consist of Leveling up Fighters and Mods, Crafting Weapons, and Login Challenges.

  • More inclusive challenges:

We’ve heard your feedback that some of our previous challenges were not easy to complete for our newer players, for example using Armory Tokens, which required a fully upgraded Armoury. We’ve paid particular attention to our Challenge Objectives this season, to make them more attainable for all levels of play. 

  • Battle Pass Coins are now called Royal Coins:

We’ve heard the confusion in the community about the difference between Battle Pass Coins and Battle Pass Points in past Seasons. To be more clear, we have renamed Battle Pass Coins to Royal Coins in Season 3. In summary:

  • You collect Battle Pass Points to finish Tiers in the Battle Pass Rewards Mission
  • You collect Royal Coins to spend in the Battle Pass Shop

NOTE: Royal Coins will expire at the end of the event, so be sure to spend them all in the Battle Pass Shop before the end.

  • New Tier 30 Weapon:
    We heard you loved our exclusive Weapon last season, so we have another brand new exclusive 5-Star Weapon reward for Battle Pass 3!
  • New S-Class Characters in Battle Pass Shop:

We’re excited to announce our Season 3 Battle Pass Characters:

  • S-Class Marcus
  • S-Class Noor
  • S-Class Tanya
  • S-Class Shane

What is the Battle Pass?

As you play the game every day, you are rewarded Battle Pass Points for completing exclusive Weekly and Seasonal Challenges. As you accumulate Battle Pass Points, you progress through the Pass, unlocking S-Class cards, trainers, gear, weapon parts, etc. As well, you will earn exclusive Royal Coins for use in the Battle Pass Black Market Store.

There are 2 reward paths to progress on the Pass:

  1. A Free Tier, denoted by the icon in the Battle Pass Mission. All players can  complete Free Tier missions with regular collection of Battle Pass Points.
  2. A premium tier called the Royal Tier, denoted by the icon, which can be unlocked with the purchase of a Royal Key III to gain extra rewards.

The Battle Pass will be available for 7 weeks.

How do I unlock Royal Tier rewards?

The Royal Battle Pass Key is an optional purchase to unlock the Royal Tier to get even more rewards, including access to 9,600 extra Royal Coins and 10 Bonus Tiers of rewards. Unlocking the Royal Tier gives you enough coins to claim a full S-Class in the “Battle Pass” Black Market store for one $20 purchase.

The Key is available in the “Battle Pass” tab of the Featured Store.

Will my Royal Tier progress be tracked if I buy the Key later in the event?

Absolutely. You will make progress towards both Tiers when you collect Battle Pass Points. Royal Tier rewards will be unlocked when you buy the Key (retroactively as well, so you can purchase it at any time).

So don’t worry! You’ll only need to purchase the Key once for the entire event.

How do I collect Battle Pass Points?

In total, you will need 18,600 Battle Pass Points to complete the core Battle Pass. We’ve also included a new set of Bonus Faction challenges, allowing players to benefit their Faction Members if they decide to purchase a Key. Each week, a new set of Battle Pass Weekly Challenges will be available with 9 Weekly Challenges. You can earn between 100 and 600 Battle Pass Points for completing each challenge. Additionally, we’ve also introduced Season-Long Challenges and that will source additional Battle Pass Points for your benefit and allow you to complete them at your own pace during the season.

New Challenges will be available every Monday at 12:00 PM PDT. There are 3 types of Challenges:

  1. Easy Challenges: 100 Points each
  2. Medium Challenges: 250 Points each
  3. Hard Challenges: 600 Points each

Through regular gameplay, you can earn more than enough points to complete the Pass and unlock its rewards.

A limited number of Points will also be made available for sale in the shop every week during the event for players who want to get ahead or catch up.

How can I track my event progress?

To track your progress in the event, you can find the “Battle Pass: Free and Premium Rewards” mission event in the Missions section of your game. As you collect Battle Pass Points, you will complete tiers in the Mission.

What do I do with Royal Coins?

You can use Royal Coins to make purchases in the limited time Battle Pass Black Market Store. You can obtain Royal Coins in 3 ways:

  1. Complete the Free Tier to receive 2,000 Royal Coins.
  2. Complete the Royal Tier to receive 8,100 Royal Coins.
  3. Instantly unlock 1,500 Royal Coins by buying the Royal Key III.

With 11,600 total Royal Coins, here is a taste of what you can buy in the Store:

  1. Up to 4,000 S-Class Marcus Cards
  2. Up to a full S-Class Noor, Tanya or Shane – 2x 5-Star Noor/Tanya/Shane and 6,000 Noor/Tanya/Shane Cards!

Choose your rewards wisely!

The contents of the Store will be available throughout the duration of the Battle Pass.

We want to ensure that the Battle Pass provides a positive experience to you, so we will be looking closely at your feedback throughout to help improve the event moving forward.

Note: All bonus tiers require the Royal Battle Pass Key to unlock