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Savage Halloween Grim Axe Tips and Tricks

The all-new Savage Halloween Grim Axe can certainly bring a grim end to many fighters! To do this, it’s important to understand the specifics of how the weapon functions. There’s a little more to it than just whacking your opponent over the head!

The Trauma effect of the weapon is always applied last, so in case of the Halloween Grim Axe, Trauma will apply after the Healing Stun.

You equip a Strong character with the Halloween Grim Axe, which also has a Bleed mod equipped and who’s specialist skill causes Neutralize. Both Bleed and Neutralize will trigger before the Trauma effect.

Another key part to remember is Trauma will not be triggered by a character’s trauma applying attack unless trauma is already applied to the target.

Trauma is also an ability that can stack. So if the character holding this weapon has a multi-hit rush (composed of several basic attacks) they can stack trauma for each attack that hits. This can create some very interesting combinations if you run bleed or burn mods because, if the enemy fighter resists bleed or burn, the trauma will trigger on the next attack.

Franklin is holding the Savage Halloween Grim Axe.
When he rushes (performing 3 basic attacks on rush) he can potentially stack trauma up to 9000 on his target (assuming no trauma effects are resisted).

He can also potentially trigger trauma on the second and third attack if the stun is resisted:

  • Attack 1: Applies 3000 trauma to the enemy + stun is resisted

Enemy has 3000 trauma

  • Attack 2: Applies 3000 trauma to the enemy + stun is resisted

Enemy takes 3000 trauma damage and has 6000 trauma applied

  • Attack 3: Applies 3000 trauma to the enemy + stun is resisted

Enemy takes 6000 trauma damage and has 9000 trauma applied

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