While participating in our many challenges, you might sometimes see the game refer to Gear by their rarity, and sometimes things can get a bit unclear.

To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide that will help you identify the rarity of each piece of gear, for the next time you’re wondering which piece you need to use for that mission.

Gear Rarities

RarityGear Piece
LegendaryDouble Holster
LegendaryHockey Mask
LegendaryMagazine Bandolier
RarityGear Piece
EpicHand Crank Radio
EpicMilitary Watch
EpicWeapon Tripod
EpicSports Gauntlet
EpicPractice Dummy
EpicKnife Sheath
RarityGear Piece
Ultra RareArmy Walkie Talkie
Ultra RareSchool Bag
Ultra RareNightvision Goggles
Ultra RarePolice Shield
Ultra RareBelt with Holster
Ultra RareScope
Ultra RareBriefcase
Ultra RareLong Coat
RarityGear Piece
Elite RareWool Beanie
Elite RareFlak Jacket
Elite RareWeathered Journal
Elite RareTopographic Map
Elite RareGas Mask
Elite RareCamp Stove
Elite RareWaist Toolpack
Elite RareAlpenstock
RarityGear Piece
RareHiking Boots
RareAmmo Belt
RareLeather Glove
RarityGear Piece
UncommonSafety Helmet
UncommonDown Vest
UncommonBloody Jacket
UncommonWaist Pack