As we mentioned yesterday, we’re sending out compensation to all our players for any inconvenience caused by the current Mission Event flow in our Road to Mythic event.

At 12:00 PM PT today, all players shall receive:

  • 10 Benedicts
  • 10 World Energy Refills
  • 10 Gold Salvage Tokens

We’ve also been listening to your feedback around the quantities of Road to Mythic Tokens being offered in our tournaments, compared to the tournament boxes.

We still believe that we are offering a better experience overall, and to further ensure that our players are having the best experience possible, we’re increasing the amount of Road to Mythic Tokens offered in our Ranked Rewards on all our Tournaments for the rest of the event, including the rewards for the currently active Survival Road and Level Up Tournaments.

We’d like to thank you all for your continued feedback throughout both the event and the upcoming Conquest events, as it continues to shape our plans moving forward.

You can expect our Mission Event flow fix to be implemented this Monday, along with the Road to Mythic Weekly Theme change, and we thank you for all your patience and support.