Hello Survivors,

We’re proud to announce some of the exciting new changes to the Prestige System! As you may have noticed, our previous Prestige system was starting to show its age. With the release of the Conquest Update, we wanted to bring this system into the new Conquest world with us. With this update, we’re also making sure that any progression you’ve earned in the past Prestige system is also being honored. Let’s dive in!

The Prestige system has historically been something that has been meant to reward players for all levels and types of engagement, with rewards that are exciting the farther you progress into the system. Prestige rewards in the pre-Conquest Update world have become stale, with old 4-Star characters that don’t make sense in a world filled with Mythic Fighters.

In addition to these rewards not being as relevant for gameplay, they also haven’t grown with our player’s engagement. In the old system, as soon as you hit Prestige 13, there was nowhere else to go, with any additional Prestige Points being earned. It’s time for this to change.

In the upcoming Conquest Update, the Prestige System has been revamped with a ton of exciting changes. First off, the Prestige level cap has been expanded from level 13 to level 25 …and beyond!

In addition to the expansion of Prestige Levels, we have rebalanced the number of points each level requires. All the prestige points you’ve been acquiring in the old system will directly carry over into the new system! We expect many players to see their Prestige Level jump up a few spots at the release of the update. Check out the table below for details:

Prestige LevelPre-Conquest Prestige PointsPost-Conquest Prestige Points

Note: The system is much deeper than 16 levels, but we wanted to show you how your old Prestige points compared to the new system!

Next, we’ve made a few changes to how Prestige is displayed within your profile. Your Prestige Progress bar will now show you specifically how far you are from your next level, to make it more clear how far you are from earning your next rewards.

Lastly, we know that not everyone wanted to display their Prestige Ranks publicly, so now that information is only visible to the individual account owner. However, we are introducing new Prestige avatars (more details below) if you are still interested in showing off your progress!

So what do all your Prestige points get you in the new system? We’re glad you asked. No matter where you are in the Prestige system, you’ll be unlocking new rewards on day one of the Conquest Update! On top of that there are even more you can obtain by progressing deeper into the system. These rewards include Prestige Buffs, Mythic Fighters, Trainers, Prestige Mods, and more. 

Prestige Buffs

One of the most useful additions to the Prestige System is our all-new Prestige Buffs. Many of the new buffs are unlocked early in the Prestige progression, meaning that most players will have access to many of them right away. The best part of these new buffs is that they add on to the existing buffs you had before. You can find the full list of new buffs below:

  • Silver Trainer (Bo, Bud, etc.) Inventory Cap Increase 
  • Gold Trainer (Burt, Brady, etc.) Inventory Cap increase
  • Training Supply Generation Boost
  • World Energy Generation Boost
  • Faster Armory Crafting Skips
  • Weapon Crafting Critical Success Boost

Mythic Fighters

The Prestige system awards both Gold and Silver Mythic Fighters, depending on which tier you reach. A few of the fighters you can acquire are Silver Mythic Axel (P3), Silver Mythic Connie (P5) Gold Mythic Aaron (P7) and if you have the mettle to make it to Prestige 13 you can unlock Gold Mythic Shiva! There are even more fighters within the system, so make sure you check it out once the Conquest Update is released.

Prestige Mods

Another new addition to the system is Prestige Mods! These new mods are similar to Paragon Mods, except they are stat mods. Much like Paragon Mods, Prestige Mods are limited, rarer versions of Platinum Mods, which are maxed out at level 1! At the launch of the Conquest Update, Prestige Mods will only be available. You can start earning these at Prestige level 17.

Revamped Prestige Crates

Prestige crates have also been revitalized, with items that you care about! Depending on your level and a little luck, you’ll be able to acquire Salvage Tokens, Prestige Tokens, Arena Tickets, Trainers, and more!

Prestige Avatars

Last but not least, we’ve also added Prestige Avatars into the system so you can show off your progress if you’d like! The first Prestige Avatar is unlocked at Prestige Level 16.