Greetings Survivors,

War is here! War has an all new look in the form War Seasons, the first of which starts this weekend! Mythic War Season 1 will span 3 months and include 6 Cross Region Wars, 3-4 Blitz Wars, all new rank and milestone rewards, and an all new War Depot that includes a War-exclusive fighter! War Seasons will also have the same improvements included in our Blitz war this week which entail:

  • Benedicts in battle drops as rare rewards (replaces Elite Weapon Token)
  • Food battle drop rewards increased
  • Rebalanced Siege Tier Rewards with Energy Choice Boxes
  • Revamped War Participation Rewards
  • New Realm Rewards
  • 200k Food Bags in Siege Winner rewards

Check out our Post on this week’s Blitz War for more info on the improvements.

NOTE: Today’s Blitz War (3/23) will not count as part of the War Season.

Cross Region War

In Season 1, Cross Region War will largely remain the same War Event players know and love. CRW is the event to use your strongest teams to wipe out the competition, battle against your oldest enemies, and win huge rewards. 

Strongholds for CRW will largely remain standard ATK, HP, DEF, CRIT, and AP bonuses with a wrinkle or two thrown in here and there. CRW rewards will be the best rewards in the game, with some items that are only regularly found in these events. CRW Ranks and Milestones have been rebalanced to include more ranks, more milestones, and more rewards.

 Each War stronghold configuration, war buckets, repair timers, and rewards will be posted before each CRW. An example of CRW Rewards below:


RankRewards 1Amount 1Reward 2Amount 2Reward 3Amount 3
1Season 1 War Token25000Steel Medals200Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice6
2Season 1 War Token20000Steel Medals175Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice5
3Season 1 War Token18000Steel Medals150Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice4
4-10Season 1 War Token16000Steel Medals125Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice3
11-20Season 1 War Token15000Steel Medals125Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice3
21-30Season 1 War Token12000Steel Medals100Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice3
31-40Season 1 War Token11000Steel Medals100Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice3
41-50Season 1 War Token10000Steel Medals75Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice2
51-60Season 1 War Token9000Steel Medals75Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice2
61-70Season 1 War Token8000Steel Medals50Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice2
71-80Season 1 War Token7000Steel Medals50Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice1
81-90Season 1 War Token6000Steel Medals25Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice1
91-100Season 1 War Token5000Steel Medals25Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice1
101-120Season 1 War Token4000Steel Medals25Ghillie Suit/Firestarter Choice1
121-1000Season 1 War Token2000Steel Medals25Ghillie Suit/Firestarter CB1


MilestoneRewards 1Amount 1Reward 2Amount 2Reward 3Amount 3
1,000Benedict1Gear Markers5000World/Raid/War Choice Energy Refill1
5,000Benedict2Epic Gear Choice3Gold Salvage Token10
10,000Benedict3Epic Gear Choice3Random Silver1
25,000Bernadette1Legendary Gear Choice3World/Raid/War Choice Energy Refill4
50,000Bernadette1Legendary Gear Choice3Military Supply (6hr)3
75,000Bernadette1Maddox1Random Silver1
100,000Bernadette1Madeline1World/Raid/War Choice Energy Refill6
125,000Bernadette1Maddox1Military Supply (12hr)2
150,000Bernadette1Madeline1Random Silver1
400,000 (only for 1A)Bernadette1Mythic Gear Choice3Choice Silver1

Blitz War

In Season 1 Blitz Wars will take on a slightly different flavor than CRW. Blitz War is where Stronghold configurations will get a little crazy and parts of the war experience may change substantially from war to war. Bleed Strongholds, Infection Strongholds, No Coin Repairs, New General Bonuses, 5 Strongholds – in Blitz, anything can happen. Blitz war should be a fun shake up to the war experience, and challenge players to take advantage of the events with out of the box team compositions. An example for Blitz War Rewards:


RankRewards 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
1Season 1 War Token12500Silver Choice Token7Mythic Gear Choice8
2Season 1 War Token10000Silver Choice Token5Mythic Gear Choice6
3Season 1 War Token8500Silver Choice Token5Mythic Gear Choice5
4-10Season 1 War Token7000Silver Choice Token4Mythic Gear Choice4
11-20Season 1 War Token6000Silver Choice Token4Mythic Gear Choice3
21-30Season 1 War Token5500Silver Choice Token3Mythic Gear Choice3
31-40Season 1 War Token5000Silver Choice Token3Mythic Gear Choice2
41-50Season 1 War Token4500Silver Choice Token2Mythic Gear Choice2
51-60Season 1 War Token4000Silver Choice Token2Mythic Gear Choice2
61-70Season 1 War Token3500Silver Choice Token2Mythic Gear Choice1
71-80Season 1 War Token3000Silver Choice Token1Mythic Gear Choice1
81-90Season 1 War Token2500Silver Choice Token1Mythic Gear Choice1
91-100Season 1 War Token2000Silver Choice Token1Mythic Gear Choice1
101-120Season 1 War Token1500Silver Choice Token1Mythic Gear Choice1
121-1000Season 1 War Token1000Silver Choice Token1Mythic Gear Choice1


MilestoneRewards 1Amount 1Reward 2Amount 1Reward 3Amount 1
1,000Benedict1Gear Markers5000World/Raid/War Choice Energy Refill1
5,000Benedict2Epic Gear Choice3Military Supply (6hr)1
10,000Benedict3Legendary Gear Choice3World/Raid/War Choice Energy Refill2
25,000Bernadette1Military Watch/Radio CB2Military Supply (6hr)2
50,000Bernadette1Military Watch/Radio CB2World/Raid/War Choice Energy Refill4
100,000Bernadette1GPS/Canteen CB2Military Supply (6hr)2

Mythic War Season 1 Depot

With an all new War season comes an all new War Depot! Each War Season will have a new War Depot accompanied by a unique War Token and a new War Exclusive Fighter! These War Exclusive fighters may return in future war Depots so players can earn them over time. This Season’s exclusive War Fighter is none other than everyone’s favorite battle Medic – Erika! The Season 1 Depot Rewards are:

Erika GlennElodieMythic Recruit TokenSelect Recruit TokensWar Energy
War Token Cost5500035000350002,0001,000250

We hope you look forward to Mythic War Season 1! War rewards are not locked in for the entire season and may evolve over time as the Mythic Fighter world matures. Get out there and War!