The community has been requesting a revamp of the Survivors Club rewards for some time, and with the release of our largest expansion to date, Conquest, we think it’s the perfect time to show our favorite club some love.

The new Survivors Club has been revamped to offer more streamlined, useful and direct rewards and will be fully adapted to your new needs in the Conquest Era. We believe that this new system is less convoluted and will help bring more predictable value to your Survivors Club experience.

By subscribing to the newest iteration of Survivors Club you will now gain access to an exclusive Daily Login Reward! Each day you log in (up to 26 days per month), starting 3/30/21 at 4:00PM PDT, you will be granted a FREE reward, provided by the new Login Reward Mission Event. Check out the rewards below:

Daily Login Reward Mission Event

The Daily Login Mission Event will reset every 30 days. For each day you log in during your subscription, you’ll be able to claim a FREE reward.

Login DaysReward
11,500 Legendary Medals
21,250,000 Ascendance Medals
312 World Energy Refills
440 Gold Salvage Tokens
54 Arena Ticket
64 Survival Road Energy
710 Epic Gear Choicebox
85 Energy Choicebox
925 Benedict
1012 Military Supplies 2hr Packs
111 Maddox
1220 Legendary Gear Choicebox 1
1350,000 Armory Token
144 Legendary Gear Choicebox 2
151,500 Legendary Medal
161,250,000 Ascendance Medal
172 Mythic Gear Choicebox
18100,000 Military Supplies
191 Maddox
202 Mythic Gear Choicebox
21100,000 Military Supplies
221 Maddox
2315 Bernadette
2450,000 Armory Token
25100,000 Military Supplies
261 Madeline

Note: Depending on when you subscribe during the 30 day Mission Event period, the Mission may reset prior to all rewards being acquirable as these rewards are set to a region wide timer.

Mythic Gear Choice Box:

  • Bullet Proof Vest
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Spotting Scope
  • Leg Holster

Legendary Gear Choice Box 1:

  • Whetstone
  • Double Holster
  • Hockey Mask
  • Magazine Bandolier

Legendary Gear choice box 2:

  • GPS
  • Canteen

Epic Gear choice box:

  • Handcrank Radio
  • Military watch

Energy Choicebox:

  • War Energy Refill
  • PvP Energy Refill

Keep in mind that these changes are specifically replacing the past Survivors Club Missions, as outlined in this post. The free daily pull, roster cap increases, crafting without parts, , unlimited character team costs, 2x food and 2x material production bonuses are not changing and will remain a part of Survivors Club.

In closing, our vision for the future of Survivors Club is to provide an experience that stays fresh and provides a meaningful enhancement to your day-to-day gameplay in RTS. You can expect to see future improvements over time, so please know that this refresh is just the beginning! We hope you enjoy these changes and keep an eye out for future communications here on the Official Road to Survival Blog.