Hello Survivors,

With the launch of the massive Conquest update, we have become aware of some potential exploits that have cropped up. We are hard at work to shut down these potential vulnerabilities, some are already fixed and we are working on new issues as they arise. 

Today we wanted to reiterate our stance on cheating and our ongoing efforts to maintain a competitive environment within Road to Survival. 

As a reminder, any players who are found violating our Terms of Service with regards to cheating may have their accounts suspended or banned at any time and without warning. For more information, check out our Terms of Service here. As usual, if you see any activity that appears suspicious, please continue to use the “Report” button in-game.

As these exploits have been identified, we have been taking action and banning accounts of people found to be abusing these vulnerabilities. This is something we will remain vigilant about, and sincerely hope that players will not be duped by third party services claiming to be able to cheat on their behalf without the player being caught or banned.