Minor Feature Updates


  • Identical Mystery Bags will now stack in player inventory. More inventory improvements to come in future updates!

Team Grade

  • Mythic Fighter Skills now increase Team Grade 
    • This is unique to Mythic Fighters. The higher your Fighters’ Mythic Skill levels, the more they will increase your overall Team Grade.
  • Players with Mythic fighters will see an increase to their team grade depending on how many skills have been upgraded and at what Grade their Fighters are
  • Team Grade now has an accompanying icon

Training Grounds

  • Various performance improvements have been implemented around claiming Fighters from Training Grounds as well as holding certain Territories and interacting with Training Grounds


  • Claiming flow has been improved
    • Players no longer are sent to the ‘Completed Collections’ tab
    • This will allow for faster collection opening when opening multiple collections


  • Fighters that are blocked from being used in ascendance now display the locked teams they are assigned to in the tooltip 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where players could open Tribute Packs before Conquest was unlocked
  • Fixed some Search feature bugs that would occur on some devices
  • Fixed an issue where mod augmentation was not accounted for on the stats displayed on the Roster screen
  • Fixed an issue where identical Mystery Bags received at different times wouldn’t stack
  • Fixed some issues where Mythic character portraits wouldn’t display their Mythic background glow
  • Fixed a bug where the Info button wouldn’t be available when adding a faction supporter on the team edit screen
  • Fixed an issue where some Mythic characters don’t have a glow effect on their weapon
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t view the dossier of a Friendly Duel opponent’s characters
  • Fixed a significant slowdown when accessing the Training Grounds building while a large queue was in progress and the user’s faction had one of the Territory buffs that reduces Training Grounds times
  • Fighters with “uses: 999” limit on Signature Skills is now listed as “Unlimited”


  • Fixed some bugs where extra delay occurred before effects happened during combat
  • Fixed an issue where a character dying from Exhaust could crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where the epic effects that ignore defense increases wouldn’t ignore conditional defense increases
  • Fixed an issue where Burn would remain on an Outlast specialist that was killed
  • Fixed an issue where Mythic Gabriel’s Sympathy passive wouldn’t ever proc from the additional healing turns of a Heal Over Time status
  • Fixed an issue where Mythic Shane could be killed before he heals from his Opportunist passive
  • Fixed an issue where a Mythic character’s weapon stat augmentation passive was affecting epic weapon effect stat buffs from adjacent teammates on themselves
  • Fixed an issue where a Medic character’s Spirit passive wouldn’t affect healing they do other than that from an Adrenaline Rush or Signature Move
  • Fixed an issue where a Support character’s Cunning passive wouldn’t affect weapon effects that normally have 100% chance to proc
  • Fixed an issue where a Support character’s Cunning passive didn’t work vs a bunch of walker effects
  • Fixed an issue where a Normalized Disarm specialist would still not be able to proc a defender’s weapon effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Vitality specialist skills wouldn’t proc while at full HP but having an Infection status
  • Fixed an issue where the epic weapon effect that reduces Rush or Basic Attack Damage would reduce reflected damage to that character
  • Fixed an issue where non-S-class fighters display an S class badge on their HP bar in Territory combat
  • Fixed an issue where Mythic enemies in Conquest mode didn’t have their mythic passive skills
  • Fixed an issue where Mythic Dwight’s AR description didn’t also indicate that it increases Bleed effect durations
  • Fixed an issue where the Obscuring walker applies its defense buff to itself
  • Fixed an issue where Attack Up Block didn’t prevent Aggro’s Attack buff from increasing potency when it procs

Other Improvements / Additions / Changes

  • If Heal Over Time gets triggered on a character during the opponent’s turn, it will not immediately heal the character when being applied, but heal for the next number of turns for its duration