Hello Survivors,

Since the announcement of Conquest, many of you have been asking how many Mythic Tokens each of your S-Class fighters will reward you! Today we’re happy to share that information!

Before you jump into the lists below, please note the following:

  • S-class Fighters must be at minimum Tier 2, Level 110 for Mythic Tokens to be awarded
  • S-class Fighters ARE NOT CONSUMED in the process
  • Mythic Tokens will be used to collect Mythic Fighters, along with Mythic Keys from the new World Map
  • Mythic Tokens will be counted – NOT consumed
  • The more Mythic Tokens you collect, the more Mythic Fighters you will get
  • All Collections will be done in the Museum
  • Collections will be live for several months during the transition period
  • Mythic Token Collections can be redeemed twice (Maximum of duplicate S-Class Fighters)

Without further ado, here are the Mythic Token Rewards:

S-Class Collection for 5 Mythic Tokens
Georgia -S-class
Steve -S-class
Tara -S-class
Christa -S-class
James -S-class
Angel -S-class
Malcom -S-class
Glenn -S-class
Tyler -S-class
Jean Baptise -S-class

S-Class Collections for 4 Mythic Tokens
Magna -S-class
Nick -S-class
May -S-class
Barker -S-class
Marge -S-class
Carl -S-class
Jesus -S-class
Akira -S-class
Kali -S-class
Shaquille -S-class
The Wanderer -S-class
MJ -S-class
Christmas Governor -S-class
Argus -S-class
Dwight -S-class
Erika -S-class
Diego -S-class
Maggie -S-class
Pamela Milton -S-class
Raven -S-class
Amber -S-class
Ben Paul -S-class
Jeremiah James -S-class
Pippy -S-class
Garrett -S-class
Mackenzie -S-class
Davie (Alert) -S-class
Any Future Released S-class

S-Class Collections for 3 Mythic Tokens
The Trader -S-class
Storm -S-class
Jason -S-class
Carrie Ann -S-class
Imani -S-class
Lilly -S-class
Negan -S-class
Shane -S-class
Tanya -S-class
Willie -S-class
Michonne -S-class
Axel -S-class
Noor -S-class
Marcus -S-class
Kenny -S-class
Beta -S-class
Franklin -S-class
MrLiu -S-class
Javier -S-class
Jobe -S-class
Brutus -S-class
Morgan -S-class
Lee -S-class
Andrea -S-class
Abraham -S-class
The Scotsman -S-class
S-Class Collections for 2 Mythic Tokens
Pete Anderson – S-Class
Priya -S-class
Laopo -S-class
Raulito -S-class
Hengyen -S-class
Aarav -S-class
Secretary Guo -S-class
Kapoor -S-class
Wangfa -S-class
Daiyu -S-class
Sheila -S-class
Princess -S-class
Mercer -S-class
Minerva -S-class
Frost -S-class
Louis -S-class
Marlon And Rosie -S-class
Davie (Fast) -S-class
Tiffany -S-class
Clementine -S-class
Shiva -S-class
Aaron -S-class
The Gentleman -S-class
Rosita -S-class
Eugene -S-class
Rick Grimes -S-class
Mateo -S-class
Erin -S-class
Dylan -S-class
Jacki -S-class
AJ -S-class
Dr. Stevens -S-class
Alpha -S-class
Ivanova -S-class