Summer has arrived, so it’s time for a bit of a refresh!

We’re going to be bringing up some new additions to our Gold Medals Collections, new sales for the Bits Shop, and doing a quick swap in our Gold Mythic Tokens Wheel.

  • Gold Medal Collections: 
    • The following fighters will be added to the collections:
      • Gold Mythic Ezekiel
        • Cost: 20,000 Gold Medals
      • Gold Mythic Connor
        • Cost: 20,000 Gold Medals
    • All characters who were in the gold medal shop prior to this update will receive a 1,000 Gold Medal price reduction
  • Bits Shop: 
    • These fighters will be going on sale:
      • Gold Mythic Shiva
      • Gold Mythic Ivanova
    • Gold Mythic Mirabelle is being added
  • Gold Mythic Token wheel: 
    • Gold Mythic Dr. Stevens will be added 
    • Gold Mythic Carl will be removed

You can expect to see these changes in the game by Friday, 7/9/21

Note: The new Bits Shop sales characters will replace the one’s currently on sale, which are Gold Mythic Sophia and Gold Mythic Alice. Don’t miss out on the chance of getting your discounted copy before they’re gone!

We’ll be looking to bring you the next round of updates in early August, so stay tuned for more additions and news!