Hello Survivors,

We’re happy to announce a new Public Beta best test for Limit Break 2! To participate in this public beta, you can find the details on how to do so here.

What is Limit Break 2?

Limit Break 2 will allow you to power up all of your Gold Mythic Fighters even further, up to Grade 5++. You can expect to see a myriad of updated and upgraded abilities for Gold Mythic Fighters who make it to this grade.

Are there any other changes to expect?

  • Leagues Battle Boost Maximums have been increased from x9.0 to x9.5!
  • Lieutenant Level Cap increased from 570 to 645

How do I access this Public Beta?

This PB is a bit different from the past, as there is no new version to download to access Limit Break 2. Simply ensure that you’re opted in to Public Beta by following the link above, switch to the Public Beta region and start playing!

When does this Public Beta begin?

Limit Break 2 is available to play with on Public Beta now! Feel free to start playing with it immediately.
We hope you enjoy Limit Break 2! If you have any thoughts or feedback, please visit the Public Beta channels on the Official TWD: RTS Discord.