Huge news! Our latest update will be available later today for our Android players to help test out our newest feature being introduced in our latest Public Beta! If you’re interested in joining our beta test, you can find out how to do so here.

Update 31.0 is going to feature the debut of the brand new game mode, Challenge Run! Challenge Run is going to give you more ways to acquire gear needed to upgrade your entire roster! Plus, 4 NEW EXCLUSIVE Gold Mythic Fighters will be available as a reward as you progress through our latest addition to the Road to Survival, so let’s get into the details!

Challenge Run

Introducing an all new PVE Feature you’ll find under the BATTLE menu on your home screen. Unlocked at Player Level 50, Challenge Run will put your Mythic Fighters to the test!

The featured Challenge Runs will rotate for each trait, (Fast, Tough, Alert, Strong) containing 240 new stages each to test your roster! However, you’ll be limited to ONLY using your Mythic Fighters of the specific Challenge Run’s trait. In addition, you are only able to advance on 5 wins each run per day, you cannot use a faction supporter, and you cannot use any battle items. We have added an additional 4 saved teams to your roster to help make finding your Challenge Run teams easier. Stages cannot be replayed.

Trait Specific Challenge Runs are open on the following days:  

  • Fast Trait: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Tough Trait: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  • Alert Trait: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Strong Trait: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

You’ll be fighting for different Gear, Medals & Veterans Rings along the way to the EXCLUSIVE Gold Mythic Fighter rewards, 1 for each trait, rewarded every 60 stages! 

Introducing Gold Mythic Andre, Valkyrie, Diamond & Juan!

Challenge run will be available in the Public Beta test region over the next few days,  so if you’re on Android here’s a quick guide on how to join the Beta Program. 

This Public Beta test of Challenge Run will happen with a few variations from what will eventually make it into the live game. In the interest of testing and the Public Beta’s short window of time, we have removed the level restriction to unlock, we’re allowing more daily wins and have more Challenge Runs happening than what will be available on normal regions when this new feature is released. Please note that this is a test and the feature may not be the same as experienced during the Public Beta. In addition, to help speed up the power-up process, we’ve removed the requirement for Silver Mythics to be upgraded to be used in ascension. We’ve also made the Armory much faster & easier to use on Public Beta, so you can test different weapons quickly in Challenge Run!

Our Beta Feedback channel will also reopen during the course of the test, so feel free to let us know how you’re getting on!

Please note that the nature of a Public Beta, for features that are currently in development, may contain bugs that impact your ability to engage with the live game.

We hope to be bringing the new 31.0 Update live next week, so stay tuned for more news!

Bug Fixes

The new Update will also include a series of bug fixes which includes (but isn’t limited to) the following:


  • Fixed a number of issues where Mythic character portraits didn’t have their proper background.


  • Fixed an issue where Skins’ Critical Procedure passive would sometimes not refresh status bubbles when a debuff gets removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Gov 2000 could gain too much AP during his turn.
  • Fixed an issue where Firestarter would proc at the same time as Burn is applied from the specialist’s attack on an enemy that doesn’t already have Burn.
  • Fixed an issue where a Maimed enemy’s HP bar wouldn’t appear to be maimed immediately after being Maimed when not the initial target of the effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Zachary’s Bloodbath passive wouldn’t be able to target walkers on both sides of the screen.
  • Fixed some animation delays in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where dead walkers could still appear visually alive.
  • Fixed some issues that could cause characters to appear large during combat when using their Adrenaline Rush or Signature Move.
  • Fixed Mythic Garrett’s Signature Move description to properly indicate that it’s doing an attack, not damage.
  • Fixed an issue where when a specialist skill happens but the effect gets resisted, passives for the skill triggering wouldn’t happen.
  • Fixed an issue where a passive that procs from a teammate healing wouldn’t proc when an Overheal specialist at full HP heals.
  • Fixed an issue where the Waste Not damage from a Waste Not specialist equipped with Gov 2000’s Laser Pistol could fail to damage an adjacent enemy.

Balance Changes

  • Guardian Shield on leader skills (Konrad) will no longer prevent Guardian Shield from proccing normally on other characters (Michonne 2000) on the first round of combat, see the FAQ on discord LINK HERE for more information
  • Changed The AI interaction with Payback characters on player’s teams, see the FAQ on discord LINK HERE for more information

Other Changes

  • Players will be able to toggle Territories push notifications on/off