Hello, Survivors! We are excited to announce the Public Beta for the Mythic Faction Assault Update!  The Public Beta update is currently available, as of October 19th, 2022, for download to members of our Public Beta community to test. Information on how to join the Public Beta is below. Tentatively, we’ve scheduled this update to launch to all players on October 31st, 2022. That date is subject to change barring any unforeseen issues during this testing period.

Mythic Faction Assault

Negan, his tank, and his mini-bosses have been rebalanced for the Mythic Era, and a new threat approaches… in a helicopter?! The Governor and his crew have arrived in Mythic Faction Assault!

Faction Assault Changes

  • Faction Assault has been rebalanced in all six difficulties. 1-3 feature Negan. 4-6 feature Governor.
  • Players can now attempt to take out the Faction Assault bosses each day. Faction Assault will reset daily, with the regular server reset of 5pm PDT (00:00 UTC). After reset,, the previous day’s Faction Assault Rewards will be available to claim in the Faction Assault Tier Menu. 
  • Each day, a player is given 8 Faction Assault Energy to make attacks. Additional Energy can be purchased with Coins. Energy will also reset with Faction Assault at server reset.
  • Faction Assault now unlocks for players Level 2+. Those players in a faction can attempt the first tier of difficulty. Once you and your Faction can clear the boss, the next difficulty tier will unlock! 
  • Once a boss or mini-boss is defeated, they will go to infinite health. This will enable players who were later in the fight to battle a boss that may have already been defeated. 
  • If a player can do the minimum amount of damage required to the mini-bosses or the boss, they will unlock the Participation Reward.
  • Once the mini-boss or boss has been defeated by a player or a faction mate, any member who has done the minimum damage will receive the Participation Reward and a Boss Defeat Reward.
  • Once ANY mini-boss is defeated, players can attack Negan or Governor. Players no longer must defeat all mini-bosses to access the final boss.
  • Easier difficulties have minimal Allegiance restrictions. Harder difficulties will require more specific Allegiance fighters. To help with this, please see the changes made to some fighters and allegiances here. 

Additional Quality of Life Updates

  • Mod “Unequip-All” button!
  • Team swap!

36.0 Public Beta

Players can access Mythic Faction Assault on the Public Beta Regions now. Public Beta players can access an exclusive Stash to help create the roster and teams needed to challenge Mythic Faction Assault!

Please Note: If you claim more trainers than allowed in inventory, they will go to your inbox. They may be lost if they are still at inventory limits when claiming those rewards.

These new features are available to test in the Public Beta test region over the next few days, so if you’re on Android here’s a quick guide on how to join the Beta Program.

Our Beta Feedback Discord channel will also reopen during this time, so feel free to let us know how you’re getting on!

Please do note that the nature of a Public Beta, for features that are currently in development, may contain bugs that impact your ability to engage with the live game.