• Krag the Destroyer joins the Road to Survival as a Strong, Amped Specialist for the Rebels allegiance! Bringing AP gains each turn if he’s at 100% HP and giving the Rebels a big battle buff!
  • Krag also lays a Stun on the fighters he eliminates, ensuring those Outlast Specialists in the Outlast state aren’t Outlasting very long!
  • Krag can Confuse a line of enemies for 2 turns on his AR while removing 100% of an enemy’s Bonus HP. PLUS, he’ll give himself a nice 75% max HP heal!
  • The Destroyer isn’t just a nickname! Krag, when on the attacking team, has a 50% chance to give -50% Defense to a random enemy for 1 turn, DESTROYING his opponents!

Rebellious Strengths gives the whole team a modest 10% attack boost, but if you’re a Rebel like Krag or Georgia, you will receive an additional 13.64% attack boost (25% total attack boost to Rebels). Watch Krag hype up his teammates and be amped and ready for action! 

Check out Lockdown’s First Look video at Maxed Out Krag the Destroyer!