Attention, Survivors! Here’s your War Season 6 – War of Champions fighter.

Brace yourself for Shiva the Destroyer – the ferocious tiger who is revered by King Ezekiel and feared by all who cross her path. With her tremendous strength and unmatched courage, she’s sure to bring a new level of power to your team.

With her Adrenaline Rush skill “Powerful Predator,” Shiva mercilessly attacks a line of enemies for 400% damage each, gaining 50% of her max AP and +100% attack for 2 turns. Her Signature Move, “Hidden Threat,” grants her camouflage for the rest of combat while striking an enemy for a whopping 400 damage.
Finally, her Specialist Skill, “Beheading,” ensures that no foe escapes their fate. Shiva’s decapitating blows keep targets from being revived, and any enemy with 20% HP or less (including bonus HP) will be immediately killed.

Shiva the Destroyer will be available in the Gray Market after the WoC.

Shiva The Destroyer Spotlight

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Shiva The Destroyer Preview