• Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Sophia joins the Road to Survival, just in time for turkey day, as a Follow-up II Specialist! That means she’ll be back for seconds, no doubt! When killing an enemy she gets a bonus action and 100% Max AP. Om nom nom!
  • Thanksgiving Sophia is also FEASTING on Medic Role enemies with her Mythic Abilities, giving her +50% Attack when on the attack team and 25% of her max AP for each living Medic Role Enemy. 
  • With a Guardian Shield on her Adrenaline Rush, she’ll protect herself while giving all other teammates Camouflage for 2 turns! Then, she drops a whopping 1,200% damage to a line of enemies. Making sure everybody is napping after a heaping helping of what she’s serving!
  • Thanksgiving Sophia will also get a big boost from her Mythic Ability, giving her Adrenaline Rush +75% against enemies with Bonus HP! Be thankful you don’t have to battle her for the last piece of Dale’s Pumpkin Pie!

Check out Lockdown’s first look video at maxed-out Gold Mythic Thanksgiving Sophia!