Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max Level 90)

Health: 1,972 

Attack: 1,552

Defense: 1,363


Cost: 66 AP

Effect: Deal 400% Damage to one enemy and up to 3 enemies get Confuse and -50% Defense for 1 turn.

Active Skill

Turn Count: 3

Effect: Confuse one enemy for 1 turn. This character gains +35% AP.

Specialist Skill

Name: Vitality

Effect: At the beginning of each turn, this specialist regains health based on the amount of unspent adrenaline it has.

Note: Vitality heals the character for 20% of their HP when the character as 100% unspent AP. For example, if the character has a total of 2000 HP, and the character currently has a full bar of AP, then the character will heal for 400 HP at the start of each turn (as long as the character has 100% unspent AP).

Special Weapon


Gameplay Walkthrough

Unlike some other 6 star confuse-based characters, Sophia has a good mix of speed and resilience. By turn 3, she has the ability to handily control key characters on the enemy team through both her Rush and Active Skill. Since these two abilities are synergistic with each other, there are a variety of ways to play with the timing of these abilities to feed off each other.

For example, if you have both Sophia’s Rush and Active Skill available, and you are dealing with Human Shield from Magna, you can use Sophia’s Active on Magna, causing her to drop her Human Shield effect during your next turn. During that next turn, you can then use Sophia’s Rush, confusing 3 enemies for another turn (which could include Magna as well, buying you another turn without Human Shield active).

Additionally, after using her Rush, the affected enemies also receive a -50% Defense debuff. If you open your turn with Sophia’s Rush, then Sophia’s teammates can take advantage of the -50% Defense debuff in the same turn without fear of repercussion during your opponent’s following turn (due to those characters also being confused). As a bonus, a confused character attacking a “teammate” will also deal more damage to that character due to the 50% Defense debuff.

Vitality is an important Specialist Skill for Sophia. Due to her aggressive usage of Confuse, failure to take down Sophia swiftly has the potential to result in the opposing team spiraling out of control very quickly (and ultimately losing). This makes Sophia a clear threat and becomes a high priority target. Due to this, Sophia has been given Vitality to not only sustain herself from multi-target attacks, but also for when she is getting pressured directly. Given that her Rush cost is lower, she is able to regain a solid amount of health more frequently. The heal from Vitality helps provide some additional time for your other characters (such as your Medic or Tank) to come online to help protect or stabilize her.

Comparing her to 6 star Tough Lee (who is more defensive in nature), Sophia certainly favors a more offensive style. With her AP cost only being 66, combined with a high degree of agency and kill opportunities for her teammates, Sophia can be devastating to almost any team with a well executed control strategy. While Lee certainly has his own benefits and uses, Sophia outshines Lee when it comes to offensive team control.

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


Alert Mirabelle (“Road to Survival” #3) – Provides Sophia with +40% HP via Mirabelle’s leader skill to improve her overall survivability. Mirabelle’s leader skill also compliments a more offensive and aggressive team composition and/or strategy with the +40% ATK increase for ranged characters. Mirabelle’s stun-based Rush also compliments Sophia’s control style by adding additional layers of control or filling in stun turns while Sophia is unable to confuse enemies.  

Fast Lydia – If you are planning to create a Fast + Tough team composition with Sophia, Lydia is clear favorite. While her leader skill and overall kit is more defensive, Lydia does provide great defensive tools to help keep Sophia going (Bonus HP, Defense Boost, Revive, etc.). 

Alert Erika – Similar benefits to Lydia with a more defensive kit, but provides bonuses to Alert + Tough (aka – ranged) characters instead. Erika’s Rush can go off faster than Lydia, which is a factor to consider if you find that Sophia is being targeted or is in need more for frequent protection.


Tough Siddiq – Great with Sophia due to his Command Specialist Skill, allowing Sophia to take another action to confuse additional enemies when attempting to execute big plays against the other team. Siddiq’s active also confuses an enemy, which is useful when Sophia’s Active or Rush are unavailable.

Strong Shiva – Natural synergy with Sophia to heavily confuse the enemy team with Shiva’s Rush. The stun Active Skill that Shiva has also helps with offsetting cooldowns between Shiva and Sophia to have a stronger control loop. Additionally, Shiva has Cutthroat, allowing for Shiva to take advantage of targets Sophia has confused as well to deal deal that extra +30% damage. This goes for any character that uses the Cutthroat Specialist Skill.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Sophia teams to get your creativity flowing: