Character Breakdown


Name: Fast


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)


Health: 2,007

Attack: 1,499


Cost: 66 AP

Effect: Up to 5 enemies get 100% Heal Reduction and Attack Up Block for 3 turns. All teammates get Defense Down Block for 3 turns and gain +50% Bonus HP.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: Turn 3

Effect: All teammates recover from all penalties.

Leader Skill

Effect: All Fast and Tough teammates get +30% HP, +30% DEF, and +50% Maim Resistance.

  •  Functional Notes
    • Maim Resistance does not stack with Mods. 
    • We believe that this frees up your mod slots where you were using Maim Resist Mods for something better

Gameplay Walkthrough

Maim Resist Lead

  • Starting the game with Maim Resist, could put an end to certain characters dominating the meta right now

Recover All

  • Cleansing your team of all penalties will put bleed right in their place!

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Lance teams to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect

  •  Lance will be available through the Premier Recruit Wheel!
  • 5* Ascendable Lance is also available after 100 bonus opens on the wheel!