The Player Council has been extremely helpful since its conception in helping us get a better understanding of our player’s needs and add a very much needed extra layer of feedback to our decision making process.

This is why we want to ensure we continue and expand further on what is becoming a very successful experiment. In order to get an even broader example of our player base and add some fresh voices to our regular meetings and discussions, we are opening up a new signup period for any volunteers who want to help us further improve our game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Player Council, it is a group of engaged players who volunteer their time and efforts to help our developer team better understand our players mindset when interacting with our events and regularly provide us with their thoughts and feedback on future events

What first started as an experiment is proving itself to be an extremely valuable resource when planning events, so we want to continue our commitment to listening to player feedback and add even more voices to the mix.

What we’re looking for in a Candidate

Our aim with this expansion is to include more players of varying playstyles into the council. We want to ensure all types of opinions are heard and that we can offer something appealing to players, no matter their playstyle. We will be currently looking for 4 to 5 new members.

However above all, we will value a player’s maturity, commitment and passion for the game. We are looking for people who are as passionate about the game as we are and who are willing to work alongside us for the long run. A deep knowledge and understanding of our community is also highly desirable.

You will be participating in live calls with the developers quite regularly, so having the ability to discuss things calmly, provide honest and constructive feedback and being able to make the time for these meetings will also be key factors we will be considering for our candidate selection process. 

Please be aware that initial membership to the council will be probationary as we want to ensure the council remains a welcoming environment.

If you are concerned about the visibility of the role, rest assured. We do not force any of our Player Council members to make their identity or affiliation to the program public at any time. We value your privacy and understand the amount of pressure that could add.

How can I volunteer?

You can easily volunteer your candidacy for the position by filling out an in-game survey, which should be available soon! Note: You must be  player level 50 or higher to be eligible to receive the application survey.

By taking the above survey, you will be filling in some questions that will allow us to get a better feel for you and your ideas and allowing us to get in touch with you if we want to get to know you better for the role.

Please be aware we will not be able to get in touch with anyone who wishes to volunteer unless they complete the survey.

We will be taking our time to review submissions and identify potential candidates. As this will be taken on a case by case basis and the process will be confidential, we will not be providing further updates until we feel all the positions have been filled satisfactorily.

We look forward to seeing your submissions soon and to welcoming new members to the council!