Oftentimes we’ve heard that players feel like all the time they’ve spent with us in RTS doesn’t matter as much as it should – and we agree. Over the past few months we’ve made time spent in game more rewarding through various limited time events, Battle Pass, and special Anniversary type events, and we plan to go even further.

The Conquest update introduces brand new systems that let you progress on an account level rather than on a fighter-specific level. This means that time and effort spent in game results in powering up your entire roster (even fighters you don’t have yet) – and that newer players will have to devote similar time and energy to reach the same power levels as you – no matter how much money they spend. We want everything you do in RTS to matter, and nothing should ever feel like wasted effort.

As Woodbury expands and the world of the apocalypse gets even tougher, our survivors have to make some tough choices and protect those who can’t protect themselves. To do this, they need to collect Tribute from regions under their protection, and assert their dominance over Regions who are not – through Conquest.

Road to Survival has always delivered intense Player vs. Player experiences that drive competition and rivalry, the first and foremost of these being War, and rest assured, War is not going anywhere. However, as we as a developer team took stock of the state of the game, we decided that we weren’t delivering on PvE experiences as solidly as we would like, and that there was an absence of permanent progress in the game. To solve this we are introducing a brand new PvE campaign mode: Conquest Campaigns.

Conquest Campaigns will be available at level 20 through a toggle button on the World Map. After hitting the button, the player will enter their first Conquest Campaign, which will start at Area 1, Stage 1. Each Conquest Campaign spans over the entirety of the World Map (all 4 maps, over 390 stages), and is a much harder, single completion PVE mode with all new challenges, enemies, and rewards. As you progress through Conquest Campaigns, your new, passive reward generation will increase, which is called Tribute.


After unlocking Conquest Campaigns, your Town Hall will start generating Tribute! Tribute is made up of various rewards that your Conquered regions pay to you in exchange for protection. Tribute will contain new items that will be used to power up Fighters as well as familiar Trainers, Tokens, Food, and Materials. Each time you return to the game new Tribute rewards will be waiting for you to claim at your Town Hall, just like a Farm or Material Post.

Unlike other systems, your Tribute rewards do not increase by leveling up your Town Hall, but rather by progressing through Conquest Campaigns. The more Conquest levels you beat, the more rewards your subjects will donate as tribute!

Single Completion Levels

Unlike the World Map, all Conquest Stages can only be completed one time. This means you will not be able to go back and replay these stages, and will instead move on to the next, more challenging level. After you’ve cleared the entire Conquest Campaign, it restarts from Area 1 at an even higher difficulty and with more rewards. There will be two Conquest Campaigns at launch, with many more on the way.

No Battle Items or Faction Supporters

Conquest mode is first and foremost supposed to provide a PvE challenge. To preserve the difficulty of Conquest Campaigns, battles in Conquest will have a turn limit and no battle items or Faction Supporters will be allowed in the mode. We feel that battle items are too powerful and may undermine the design of Conquest Campaigns, and we want you to tackle these levels on your own!

After conquering your first Area (beating stage 8) in a Conquest Campaign, you will unlock Lieutenants. The Lieutenants system is a new way to level up all of the fighters on your Roster at once by leveling up Role Levels! Role Levels allow your Fighter’s Level to increase beyond its base level cap.The more powerful your Lieutenants, the more Role Levels you can add to your fighters, and the more powerful your entire Roster becomes.

Each Mythic Fighter’s Level will now reflect the combination of two types of levels: Base Levels and Role Levels. Base levels are leveled up with trainers and fighters, just like they’ve always been. However Role Levels are improved through the Lieutenant System. Improving a Role Level is permanent, and affects all characters of that Role. For example, if I level up my Tank Role Level by 1, every Tank fighter on my Roster also levels up one time! Even when I acquire a new Tank Fighter, that Fighter will have that extra level as soon as you get it.

Both Base Level and Role Level increase your stats in the same way. A fighter that has a total level of 700, with 200 from Role Level and 500 from Base Level, will be just as strong as a Level 700 fighter that has 350 Role Levels and 350 Base Levels.  We think this system is a significant improvement over Veteran Levels, which will remain for S-Class and below, but do not exist on Mythic Fighters.

Leveling Up Role Levels

Leveling up your Role Levels will require new currency called Training Supplies at every level, and occasionally Veteran Rings. Training Supplies are generated in your Town Hall through Tribute and can be earned in various other in game rewards. Veteran Rings will also be earned from Tribute, Conquest Rewards, and will still be found in Arenas (and can be reclaimed from old 6-Stars through Ascension). This means the further you progress in Conquest, the more you increase your Tribute, and the higher you can level up your Roster!

Permanent Account Power

Once you level up your Role Levels it will affect all your characters of that Role – forever! When you acquire a new fighter, that fighter will immediately level up to your current Role Level, making it easier than ever to jump into combat.

Expanding Your Role Level Cap

Your cap on Role Levels is dictated by your most progressed Mythic Fighters. The higher Grade your fighters are, the more levels you have available! Lieutenants are automatically set to the highest Grade Mythic Fighters of each Role on your Roster, which means that any Mythic can become a Lieutenant and expand the cap on your Role Levels.

Reallocation of Role Levels

Unhappy with which Roles you decided to level up? Don’t worry! You will be able to reset your Role Levels back to a previous level, and get all of your hard earned currencies back! This way if you are facing a tough Conquest Level, Roadmap, or other PVE stages, you can respecialize with different Roles to try them.

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