We’ve heard many times over calls for updating certain features in RTS in a meaningful way. As you’ve seen last year with our Trainer and Level-up Upgrades, as well as the recently released Town Expansion, Player Level, Depot, and Wheels update, we’re committed to these improvements. 

We’re continuing these improvements in a big way with the Conquest update. When it’s released, we will be upgrading many of the core features in the game that need new content, new purpose, or improvements to usability. We’re updating core features like Training Grounds and Houses, Prestige, Museum, Ascension and the Monument, Roadmaps, Wheels and Depots, Team Power Score, Daily Missions, Fighter Dossiers, Territory Drops, and the World Map Story Campaign. 

We’re also going to further update the different tokens in game, depots, and tournament + feature rewards. We can’t wait to tell you more about these improvements in the days to come. We also have a long list of additional feature refreshes we intend to tackle in 2021 after Conquest, and look forward to your feedback on what we should target next.

Training Grounds and Houses

Training Grounds are receiving a massive overhaul with this new update! All Training Courses have been redesigned to be more relevant to today’s game, and 10 new levels have been added – meaning Training Grounds can now be upgraded to Level 30.

Training Courses that are primarily used for experience will now generate trainers directly, rather than having to convert 2*/3*/4* fighters into trainers. In addition, new courses have been added that will have chances at training Epic, Legendary, and even Mythic Fighters!

We know some players have hundreds of hours queued up to train, and we don’t want to take that away. Any old Training Courses currently running at the time of the update will stay that way and turn in to “Legacy Courses”. Any Legacy Course in use will still train Survivors and not block the ability to research or use any of the new courses. No new Survivors will be able to be trained in any Legacy Courses after the update, and after the courses finish their training, they will disappear. All Legacy Courses have direct upgrades in the new Training Grounds.

Houses will also have a new cap at level 30. Survivor storage as you upgrade your Houses has been massively expanded, and at level 30, each House holds 400 Survivors!


Prestige is also getting some much needed love in the new update. All Prestige rewards have been updated, including new permanent buffs, new Mythic character rewards, and more. Prestige Ranks have also been reworked and expanded to offer more for players who want to keep pushing past Prestige 13! Every single Prestige Point you have ever earned will be preserved and counted in the Prestige Update – even if you are currently at Prestige 13. 

Upon logging in after the update, your Prestige will automatically update to its new Rank if appropriate (your Prestige can only increase!) and you will then be awarded with all the rewards you may have already passed. For example:

  • Pre Update – I am Prestige 11, I have claimed all my rewards.
  • Post Update – My Prestige updates from 11 to 12, and I immediately get all of the new rewards from 12 and below, as well as all the new buffs.

In addition to all new Mythic rewards, here are some of the expanded buffs available:

  • Weapon Crafting Critical Success Boost
  • Training Supply Generation Boost
  • Trainer Cap Boosts
  • Faster Building Times
  • Faster World Map Energy Regeneration
  • Longer Armory Crafting Skips
  • All of our current buffs!

It is important to remember that every daily login you have ever collected and every dollar spent in the past will count towards the new Prestige system – nothing you have done will go to waste! In addition, your Prestige Rank will now be hidden on your profile for other players. We are also revamping the Daily Prestige Crates and the Prestige Crates available in the shop with new rewards.


We’ve found that oftentimes the Museum can be tough to navigate with its vast amount of S-class and limited time collections, and we want to make this easier for all players. The Museum will now be divided into 6 tabs:

Tab 1 – Event Collections: All limited time event collections will now be in one place! This tab will hold any collections that are tied to in game events, and will disappear if no events are running with collections.

Tab 2 – S-class Collections: All S-class collections will now have their own dedicated tab. Each S-class Fighter and their related collections will live here.

Tab 3 – Mythic Token Collections: This tab will hold all the Mythic Token collections, which will reward you for having S-class fighters! Every tier 2, level 110 S-class you have will grant you Mythic Tokens, which will be used to redeem directly for Mythic Fighters. No S-class fighters will be consumed in these collections.

Tab 4 – Mythic Fighter Collections: Here you will use your Mythic Tokens and Mythic Keys to redeem for Mythic Fighters – the more S-class you have, the more Mythics you get! Important Note:  No collection items will be consumed, the collections simply count your tokens + collectables. Mythic Keys can be collected by completing new Story Campaign Stages.

Tab 5 – Permanent Collections: Permanent Collections are being completely upgraded with this update to have new high value rewards and all new requirements. Most permanent collections have been updated to require non S-class 6* fighters. Any permanent collections you have completed will be reset, and you will have a chance to earn new rewards!

Tab 6 – Completed Collections: All completed collections will move to the last tab in the Museum, regardless of which tab they originated from.

Ascension + Monument

Ascension has a brand new look and feel! Now when tapping the Ascension Monument, you will be taken to an Ascension screen where you will see all the characters that are ready for Ascension. Tapping any character will then allow you to go through the Ascension process, and dynamically show what is required to Ascend.

The monument will now be used as a repository for all Epic, Legendary, S-class, and Mythic Fighters! Each rarity of Fighter will have its own dedicated tab that you can look through. Our improved quick and advanced Roster filters are also implemented, so you can search any Fighter by name, trait, or stat.

Wheels and Depots

All in game Wheels and Depots are being updated with this release. Expect to see these wheels in game:

  • Gold Mythics: Contains Gold Mythic Fighters!
  • Mythic Recruits: Contains Gold and Silver Mythic Fighters!
  • Select Recruits: Contains Gold, Silver, and 6*, and 5* Fighters!
    • Select Recruits is replacing our 5* Recruits wheel. All 5* Recruits tokens will be automatically converted into Select Recruits Tokens
  • Helper Rewards: Contains 5* Fighters and various rarities of trainers
  • Basic Rewards: Contains 5* Fighters and various rarities of trainers
  • Elite Characters: Contains 5* and 6* Fighters
  • 4* Recruits will be removed. 4* Recruits tokens will be redeemable for new, Select Recruit Tokens

The Supply Depot is also getting an upgrade! Expect to see new trainers, gear, and Mythic Fighters in the various Supply Marker, Assault Marker, and Survival Marker Depots.

Team Grade Update

Your team grades will no longer be measured in a letter + number format. Team grade will be calculated the exact same way as before, but will now be represented by a flat number. We hope this provides a more granular insight into how strong your teams actually are, and lets you improve your team grades more often.

Daily Missions

Daily Missions and their rewards are being improved to match current gameplay and the game economy. Missions will now reward players for playing through Conquest, leveling up fighters, and more. It is our hope with the new Daily Missions design that all players can receive the Daily Missions reward bag within 15-20 minutes of gameplay.

Mythic Fighter Dossiers & Rosters

Mythic Fighter Dossiers are getting extra special treatment to showcase some of the coolest characters we’ve created to date. Each Mythic Fighter Dossier will not only show the in combat character like usual, but will also feature enlarged character art that you can see in our Premier Recruits and other Wheels. In addition, all combat glows on the Dossier art will match up with the Grade of the Mythic character – as you improve your fighter, the glow behind their art changes.

We’re also introducing new art for Fighters in the Rosters, as well as significantly increasing roster sizes for all players to help manage and improve your teams in the Mythic World.

Territory Drops, Names, and Buffs

Territory drop rewards are being updated to be more rewarding and relevant in the update. All 4* Recruits Token rewards are being removed, and replaced with new tokens for various Mythic wheels. A few territory buffs are also being split into 4 territories of +10% boosts rather than two territories at +20% boosts to give more factions an opportunity to hold them – but weapon crafting Territories are remaining untouched. In addition, many of the Territories with the same names have been renamed to avoid confusion when planning Territory strategies with your faction mates.


These are just a few of the main areas we have worked on in this update, with many more to come! We remain committed to investing in the current features of RTS, and our aim is not to let any feature feel outdated or “dead”. Please check out the World Map section of the blog for an expansive breakdown of what has been updated and changed there.

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