The Conquest update also includes an update to the way certain items like Gear, Armory Tokens, Ascendance Medals, and others can be acquired in game. All of these items will be newly found in the expanded Story Campaign as grindable drops. This means that players will depend less on daily roadmaps and will have more options to find persistent sources of valuable items in RTS. While we will continue to make these items available in events, we want to put you in control of how quickly you can acquire these currencies.

The Saviors are hot on the heels of the Woodbury crew, and they need to figure out a way to survive! In this update, we have heard calls from the players and we will be adding 24 new Story Mode Areas that include traversing across two all new locations – Silver Springs and Baltimore! Can you do what needs to be done on the Road to Survival?

With the addition of new stages comes more Story Missions! Complete the Story Missions for various Gear, Currency, and Coin Rewards!

For the 24 new Story areas, we’ve significantly revamped how item drops work to make the grinding experience feel more predictable, rewarding, and in general more fun for all players. Each stage will drop a more concentrated array of items, rather than a massive amount of different gear, weapons, trainers, etc. This means that once you figure out what drops on each stage (you can use in-game signposting by clicking on “Where to Find” in the inventory), you will have a much higher chance of getting what you want when playing the World Map! It is our hope that every piece of Gear you may need for leveling up a character is grindable somewhere in the game at all times. We hope this also frees up space for Daily Roadmaps to have more interesting content.

Example Drops

These are some examples of what new stages will drop. Any drops listed here may change prior to launch for balancing reasons.

Stage 27-1

  • Survivors
  • Rations
  • Materials
  • Gear: Alpenstock, Work Gloves
  • Currencies: Ascendance Medals

Stage 33-3

  • Survivors
  • Rations
  • Materials
  • Gear: Night Vision Goggles, Wrinkled Shirt
  • Currencies: Select Recruits Tokens, Legendary Medals, Elite Item Tokens

Stage 46-1

  • Survivors
  • Rations
  • Materials
  • Gear: GPS, Flak Jacket
  • Currencies: Elite Item Tokens, Armory Tokens

As you can see, each new stage has specific items which allows you to control what you are farming for!

New stages have been built so that Drop Leaders and Salvage Tokens both impact drop rates the same way as most of the drops occur in the final wave of the stage. Both of these items will increase your chance of getting a certain item listed in the stage, not the quantity of items dropped. Get your Salvage Tokens ready!

Current Stage Drops

In the short term, all current stage item drops will remain the same as they were pre-update. We do not want to interrupt any existing daily grind activities or disrupt any of the grind paths for any current items, weapons, or lower tier gear. This means that once the World Map Expansion goes live, drops will look like:

  • Stage 26 and before: Current Item Drops
  • Stage 27 and after: New Item Drops

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