We’re happy to announce that our android Public Beta is now live! It’s your chance to get the first taste of our biggest update of all-time!

If you need a refresher on how to sign up and what to expect, check out the PB Announcement post.

For those of you ready to jump in, we have a few events lined up for our Public Beta, ready for you to jump in!

Please note, access for the Beta starts today (Tuesday) so some tournaments and events will have already started in the Public Beta regions.

You can also expect to find several Mission Events that will help you get your first Gold Mythic Fighters, along with boosts to building timers, XP earned, and other benefits to help you hit the ground running.

So, what are you waiting for! Help us test the Conquest update before we make it live!

Here are our latest Patch Notes for the Public Beta:

29.0 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where searching for characters with 2 names would not display the proper results
  • Fixed an issue where the -50 AP down counter weapon effect indicated it only reduced 30 AP


  • Fixed an issue where infection could be reduced to 0% without being removed
  • Fixed an issue where dead character status bubbles could display partially off screen on devices with a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Fixed an issue where the start of wave weapon effect text callouts would happen above the character instead of their portrait
  • Fixed an issue where the Active Skill cooldown wouldn’t decrease on the next turn of a character on which the Command specialist skill had been used on.
  • Fixed an issue where an attacker would still gain AP if their attack was bodyguarded by a Bodyguard specialist that has a Guardian Shield
  • Fixed an issue wherein some cases if 2 specialist skills happened from the same attack, only 1 of the skill icon callouts displayed
  • Fixed an issue where defending Outlast specialists could get 2 actions while in the Outlast state
  • Fixed an issue where the Increased Trait Advantage damage epic weapon effect wouldn’t stack with the special weapon effect that attacks with stronger trait vs other trait targets
  • Fixed an issue where the Destroyer and Rampage weapon effects would do more than the intended amount of damage to an enemy if the same extra target(s) was chosen multiple times during a multi-attack AR
  • Fixed an issue where the Increased Atk while Taunted/Slowed and Impaired mods would apply the increase per enemy hit by the attack
  • Fixed an issue where a dispelled resistance status would still have the resistance from the effect applied to that character
  • Fixed an issue where a Bodyguard specialist dying from bodyguarding where they’re also one of the targets of the enemy’s attack/AR wouldn’t be in a visually dead state
  • Fixed an issue where Exhaust proc’d at the start of combat wasn’t working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the epic weapon effects that ignore defense bonuses wouldn’t ignore conditional defense bonuses
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for Burn on Attack mods indicated it would last for a turn less than it does
  • Changed Multi-attack target switching when killing an enemy to be unaffected by Camouflage


  • Bleed resist now blocks Hemorrhage
  • Added a toggle in the settings menu for displaying fighter stats on the Roster screen