Tye is Roadie’s long-lost boyfriend.

After the apocalypse, Roadie embarked on a treacherous journey to reunite with Tye once more. In the meantime, Tye had become a member of the Saviors and even gained some rank and renown amongst them.

However, once Roadie reappeared in his life, he could no longer face being a part of the Saviors and turned their back on them.

Tye is a triple threat, combining Infection, Bleed and Burn in his arsenal, and with a unique Leadership Skill, he’s the ideal fighter to lead any attack teams!

Update: The Leadership Skill Description has been updated to clarify its effects better.

Special Weapon

Gameplay Overview

Tye is coming in hot and is ready to blow off some steam! 

Tye comes equipped with a never-before-seen burn leadership skill that causes devastating damage before anyone makes a move! However, with great power comes great ‘responsibility’ and Tye’s burn damage originating from his leadership skill will factor in before his attack buff from his leadership skill. 

This is compensated by giving his teammates a larger than normal Attack Stat leader skill as Tye comes equipped with an extremely high base attack score to help break the enemy. 

While the “increase burn damage of the enemy by 4.5%doesn’t stack on Tye’s leadership skill, it most certainly does on his “Burn Baby Burn ” passive. Not to mention he can apply at least 5.5K burn damage at the start of the match (Level 600) with his leader skill alone.

Tye is all about being in your face and forcing you to deal with problems head-on. Whether it’s Burn, Bleed, or Infection – Tye comes prepared to bring his enemies to their knees. With his basic attacks applying some heal reduction to the enemy target, he makes it hard for anyone to recover. 

Team composition

Characters like Dwight, Shiva, and Abraham are great options to support Tye in his quest to see the world burn. Whether it’s doubling his bleed, his burn, or even extending the duration of either, he is not here to mess around.

With any great offensive team, you need tacticians who can keep your enemies on the ground. Enter Alpha with her headhunter ability which effectively applies decapitation potential to enemy fighters and gives Tye the opportunity to say goodbye to his enemies for good.

Team Examples:

  • Leader: Tye
  • Support Toons: Abraham, Alpha, Mirabelle, and Wayland
  • Support Toons: Shiva, Alpha, Siddiq, and Jesus
  • Support Toons: Dwight, Beta, Mirabelle, and Wayland

How to obtain Gold Mythic Tye

  • Mythic Tye will be part of the Choice Recruits Wheel. Spin the wheel for a chance to obtain Mythic Tye.
  • Obtain up to 2 guaranteed Mythic Tye via pulling 120 and 240 times in the Choice Recruits wheel.
  • You will need 3 copies of Mythic Tye in order to Limit Break him.