One of 4 all new Gold Mythic Fighters available ONLY from the brand new Challenge Run feature, Andre enters the battle to protect your team & bring some Payback to your foes!

Gameplay Walkthrough:

  • Andre is an explosives expert….or so he would tell you! 
  • Introducing our second payback character Andre can add quite a defense on any Tough defense team! Also Andre gives you the first opportunity to have two payback characters on the same team!
  • Guardian Shield is everywhere right now and it can be pretty hard to deal with…well not for Andre! His rush is designed to smash out any and all Guardian Shields with a bang as his rush hits all enemies in the fight
  • Bonus, Hp, All tough getting defense and the ability to revive after a big explosion makes Andre quite a deadly defense toon

How to Obtain Andre:

Gold Mythic Andre copies are rewarded every 60 levels of the Tough trait Challenge Run

You will need 2 copies of Mythic Andre in order to ascend to Grade 5, and another to reach Limit Break 1. One more for Limit Break 2.