• Gold Mythic Roadie joins the Road to Survival as an Arsonist Specialist for the Saviors’ allegiance, doubling the damage of Burn when attacking an enemy suffering from the effects of the flames!
  • Roadie also gives a big +30% Attack buff to other Saviors in her Mythic Passives to help Negan, Tye, and the rest of the crew get the most out of their offense! 
  • Her attached 5-star weapon comes with Dot Expansion, which means her Specialist Skill isn’t the only way to make those Burn effects even hotter!
  • Roadie also drops -35% Defense and -50% Attack for 2 turns on 2 enemies after Taunting them from her Signature Move. Plus, she’ll make a Critical Attack for 350% Damage to an enemy! That burns in a different way!

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