Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


Name: Damage

Description: Inflicts a large amount of damage to enemies through percent-based damage, damage over times, and/or other damaging effects.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Attack: 1,947

Health: 1,749

Defense: 1,216


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Deal 750% to 1 enemy. This character gains +150% ATK for 1 turn. This character and 1 teammate gain Focus for 4 turns.

Note: Focus is a positive status that causes a character to ignore Confusion, Taunt, Camouflage, and the effects of Human Shield as long as Focus is presently active on the character. Focus does not remove Confuse, Taunt, or Camouflage if the effect is already present on the character at the time Focus is applied.

Active Skill

Turn Count: 3

Effect: Deal 600 Maim damage to 1 enemy. This character gains +35% AP.

Note: Maim damage is a specific type of damage that deals a flat amount of damage rather than being affected by Attack, Defense, and Bonus HP stats. A character afflicted by Maim damage will also have their max HP reduced by the same amount as the amount of Maim damage received. This affects the % calculations for how much healing they receive. Maim damage can be stacked, reducing max HP every time a new instance of Maim is applied. This reduction effect has infinite duration.

Specialist Skill (*NEW*)

Name: Follow Up

Effect: Once per turn, when this specialist kills an enemy with an Attack or Adrenaline Rush, they will receive a bonus action.

Note: A bonus action will allow the character to Attack, Defend, Rush, or use their Active Skill again in the same turn. 

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: When killing an enemy, a 50% chance to gain +100% AP.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Morgan is a monster when to comes to being a potent single-target Damage Dealer. His overall design allows him to isolate and kill his target efficiently. In doing so, the new Specialist Skill: Follow Up, allows him to continue his frenzy (with added strength) to take down another enemy in the same turn. Combined with Follow Up, Morgan’s Special Weapon, and a clean killing blow, Morgan can systematically dismantle almost any team. Let’s start by breaking down Morgan’s different abilities:

Follow Up is a new Specialist Skill that allows Morgan to take an additional action during the same turn when Morgan successfully kills an enemy. This means that Morgan can Attack, Defend, Rush, or use his Active Skill in the same turn when killing an enemy. This can also be combined with a Command effect (from another teammate), enabling Morgan to potentially have 3 actions in a single turn.

Morgan’s simple, yet powerful Rush enables Morgan to not only deal a ton of damage, but also get an Attack Boost, as well as Focus for himself and 1 teammate. Keep in mind that the Attack Boost, while strong, is only effective for 1 turn. In order to leverage this part of the Rush effectively, you need to provide additional actions after Morgan uses his Rush during the same turn (such as using Follow Up or Command). The Focus effect allows Morgan to target freely, which also has a 4 turn duration (one of the longest Focus durations in the game). This gives Morgan ample opportunities to kill his target, as well as avoid being controlled by Taunt, Confuse, Human Shield, or other debilitating effects that Focus wards off.

Morgan’s Active Skill is the first Active Skill to deal Maim Damage to an enemy. This is a critical skill to have as part of Morgan’s kit for 2 main reasons: HP Capping and triggering Follow Up. The Maim damage from the Active Skill does allow for Follow Up to trigger if the Maim damage deals the killing blow to the enemy. Given that Maim can bypass Bonus HP and Defense Boosts, this is a great way to guarantee a kill when the enemy is at or below 600 HP. Additionally, if you want to rely on the Rush for the kill, you can set up yourself for success by using this Active Skill (when available) to get the target enemy within kill range for Morgan’s Rush. With the HP Cap effect from Maim, your progress towards that kill is preserved as long as Maim remains active on the enemy. Plus, Morgan receives +35% AP with each use, meaning you never lose progress towards your Rush when you use this Active Skill.

To top it all off, Morgan’s Special Weapon comes with a unique effect that has a 50% chance to fully refill Morgan’s AP whenever Morgan kills an enemy. This allows Morgan to potentially Rush 2 times in a single turn (3 with Command), provided Morgan kills an enemy each time, with the additional chance of having his Rush ready for next turn.

Note: With the right team composition, Morgan on a Defense Team, when left unchecked, can single-handedly turn the tide in your team’s favor. The AI controlling Morgan has largely aggressive actions to choose from (Attack, Rush, Active, etc.), making the AI more optimal in its overall decision making and efficiency when it comes to taking down an Attack Team. 

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


Tough Carl – Carl is a solid leader for Morgan on an Offensive team. Carl’s leader skill provides Fast and Tough characters +40% ATK and a huge bonus to AP when attacking. This not only provides Morgan additional damage, but will allow him to get his Rush off faster. Carl is also a great Medic that can keep Morgan going or Revive him if need be.

Fast Lydia – Lydia is a preferred choice for more Defensive Fast and Tough team compositions. Lydia’s +40% HP and Defense leader skill helps cover for some of Morgan’s weaker defenses, as well as give him additional protection through Bonus HP and Defense boosts.

Alert Mirabelle (“Road to Survival” #3) – If you want to leverage an Offensive Ranged team, Mirabelle enables a more aggressive style with her +40% ATK and HP leader skill. Her leader skill is a good blend of offensive and defense for Morgan, doubling down on Morgan’s high attack and adding some extra survivability to keep Morgan going.

Alert Erika – For a more Defensive Ranged team, Erika is a strong choice with her +40% HP and Defense leader skill, which keeps Morgan continuing his attacks against the enemy team (similar to Lydia). Erika is also a well rounded Medic that can has a diverse blend of healing and defense effects that can cover Morgan when being pressured by the enemy team.


Tough Siddiq – Siddiq (and Command characters in general) can really pull out the full potential of Morgan (or any future Follow Up character). While Follow Up is self-sufficient in providing additional actions, Morgan’s special weapon allows for him to do multiple Rushes in a single turn. By itself, Follow Up can allow up to 2 Rush attacks in a single turn, with the potential to have a Rush ready next turn (from the AP generated by the weapon). However, with a single Command character, that can increase to 3 in a single turn, allowing Morgan to go on a massive killing spree. Siddiq is the most flexible Command character in this case since he fits on either a Ranged or Fast + Tough team composition (with Morgan on either team).

Fast Jesus – Jesus is a good Human Shield character to synergize with Morgan. While Jesus does protect Morgan with Human Shield, he also deals Maim damage with his Rush, which can stack or be coordinated with Morgan’s Active Skill. This can make it easier for Morgan to take down low HP enemies after layering on Maim damage from both Jesus and Morgan.

Tough Michonne – Michonne (or Disarm characters in general) is an important character to have when having Morgan on your team. While Morgan does get Focus from his Rush, he’s still prone to many different weapon effects that the enemy may have in store. As a result, having a good Disarm character to prep the target enemy before attacking with Morgan can be the difference between successfully killing an enemy or not. Since Michonne is Tough (Blue), she tends to match the same types of teams that Morgan will be part of, making her a flexible pick for your team.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Morgan teams to get your creativity flowing: