Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


Name: Tank

Description: Protects allies from enemy damage or other negative effects by redirecting enemy attacks to themselves, as well as providing defense buffs to themselves and/or teammates.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 2,264

Defense: 1,617

Attack: 1,509


Cost: 66 AP

Effect: Deal 475% Strong Trait Damage to up to 3 enemies. Those enemies get -70% Attack for 2 turns. This character regains 100% of their max HP.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 2

Effect: Stun 2 enemies for 3 turns.

*NEW* Specialist Skill

Name: Overheal

Effect: If this character were to be healed over 100% HP, this character gains Bonus HP equal to 50% of the amount healed over 100% HP.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: When being attacked, a 50% chance to regain +20% HP.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Surprise Your Enemies

  • Great Defense Team character
  • Deals Strong Trait Damage to 3 enemies when she Rushes
  • Trait Advantage against Fast characters
  • Catch your opponents off guard

Stall High Damage Teams

  • Stun 40% of the enemy team for 3 turns
  • Will always try to use her active starting on Turn 2
  • Greatly increases your chances of stalling out the enemy team

Endure High Damage Assaults

  • New Specialist Skill: Overheal
    • Excessive healing converted into Bonus HP
  • Heavy -70% Attack debuff
  • Fully heals herself
  • Weapon has a 50% chance to heal Sherry when being attacked
    • Withstand a Turn 1 Assault

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Sherry teams to get your creativity flowing: