Character Breakdown


Name: Fast


Name: Tank

Description: Protects allies from enemy damage or other negative effects by redirecting enemy attacks to themselves, as well as providing defense buffs to themselves and/or teammates.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 2,307

Attack: 1,622

Defense: 1,534


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Remove Focus from up to 3 enemies. Those enemies get Taunt for 2 turns. This character gets Elusive for 2 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 1

Effect: This character and 1 teammate get Pain Split and regain +25% of their max HP for 3 turns.

*NEW* Specialist Skill

Name: Bide

Effect: This character stores the damage it takes from Attacks, Active Abilities, and Rushes. After reaching 2000 stored damage (or if the Defend action is used), deal 150% of the stored damage to 1 enemy immediately. Stored damage is reset to 0 after use. Bide does not trigger if this character is killed.

Functionality Notes:

  • Bide damage cannot be mitigated (same as “Payback damage”).
  • Damage Over Time effects (e.g. – Bleed, Burn) do not contribute towards Bide.
  • Stun (or other control effects) does not prevent Bide from automatically triggering.
  • When using the Defend Action prior to Bide automatically triggering, the currently stored damage (+150%) is released. In other words, Bide can be used before reaching the 2000 threshold, but will deal whatever damage is stored (+150%) at the time of release.
  • When controlled by the AI, the AI will trigger Bide manually (i.e. – via the Defend Action) if the stored Bide damage is enough to kill an enemy.
  • When used on an attack team, and Bide is manually triggered (via the Defend Action), the Bide damage will be directed at the currently selected / targeted enemy.
  • If an enemy causes Bide to trigger automatically, then that enemy will receive the Bide damage.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: When being attacked, a 50% chance to gain +20% Bonus HP.

Gameplay Walkthrough

*NEW* Specialist Skill – Bide

  • Bide is a great skill to help control against high damage Attacks, Rushes, or Actives.
  • Using HP Set mods can really help Elle and Bide, since you want to take a large amount of damage (and survive), without mitigating the damage in order to build up Bide quickly.
  • Pairing Elle (Bide) with Payback can really slow down your enemies and force them into using unfamiliar strategies.

Taunt Control

  • Elle’s Rush removes Focus, helping increase the chances of her landing her Taunt.
  • Taunt can help not only control the enemy team, but also build up Bide at the same time.
  • Additionally, she gives herself Elusive, making it difficult for Taunted characters to generate AP.


  • Elle’s Active provides Pain Split. This allows Elle to stay alive against larger attacks, while also continuing to build up Bide.
  • Her Active also gives her and her teammate Heal Over Time, allowing her to recover continuously as she receives damage.
  • Her weapon also provides a solid stream of Bonus HP, especially against Taunted enemies, helping her stay in the fight.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Elle teams to get your creativity flowing:

Character Bio

Elle worked at an animal shelter (primarily working with dogs) prior to the apocalypse. Afterwards, she cared for as many dogs as possible, but eventually ran out of food for both her and the dogs. She let them free in hopes of them finding food elsewhere, and allowed her to move on to find a new home in a Walker-filled world. She is currently traveling in hopes of finding other survivors, but is less familiar with how the world has changed. She continues to be kind, and sometimes snarky, to those she encounters on the road.