Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


Name: Damage

Description: Inflicts a large amount of damage to enemies through percent-based damage, damage over time, and/or other damaging effects.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Health: 1926

Defense: 1872

Attack: 1551


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Deal 400 Bleed Damage for 3 turns to one enemy and all adjacent enemies. Those enemies get 100% Heal Reduction for 3 turns.

*NEW* Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 0

Effect: Deal 400 Bleed Damage and 250 Exhaust for 3 turns to a line of enemies.

Functional Notes:

Exhaust: A character under the effect of Exhaust receives a specified amount of Maim Damage for every 10% of AP gained from a Rush, Active, Specialist Skill, or Weapon Skill.

  • AP Gained from normal attacks do not count towards triggering Exhaust.
  • Weapons which give extra AP for normal attacks or taking damage does not trigger Exhaust.
  • Maim damage is dealt instantly upon the affected character receiving the AP amount.
  • For every interval of 10% gain, rounded down, Exhaust will deal its damage.
  • Example:
  • Exhaust = 100 Maim Damage
  • AP Gained = 25%
  • Damage Dealt = 200
  • If the amount of AP gained is less than10%, then no Maim Damage is dealt.
  • Maim damage dealt from Exhaust can be resisted. 
  • Exhaust does not prevent the afflicted character from receiving the generated AP; it only deals Damage when AP is gained.
  • Exhaust only deals damage for “actual” AP received. 
  • Example: 
  • A character is at 95% AP and receives 50% AP from a rush – they do not get Exhaust damage because they only received 5% AP.

Specialist Skill

Name: Lacerator 

Effect: Whenever this character attacks a character suffering from Bleeding, the damage of that bleeding effect is doubled. Target can only be Lacerated once per turn.


Gameplay Walkthrough


  • Exhaust counters rapid AP generated by the affected enemy. 
  • With an initial cool down of 0 this means characters with very quick rushes and active skills will be punished hard.

Heal Reduction

  • Bleed and Heal Reduction work great together by making sure any target killed by the bleed can not be healed or revived.

Bleed and Lacerator

  • Elena will be helping in dealing with all those pesky payback defense teams
  • Bleed applies to all adjacent targets, this allows for a good amount of pressure to multiple targets.
  • Elena will be the very first Tough Lacerator in the game.

[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few examples of Elena teams to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect

  • Elena will be available through the Premier Recruit Wheel!