Character Breakdown

Trait: FastHealth3,575
Role: DamageDefense3,873
S- ClassAttack4,966
Rush: I am the Storm
Cost:76 AP
Effect : Deal 1000% Damage to one enemy. All adjacent enemies get Confuse for 2 turns.
Active Skill: Defense down, Focus and Ap Gain
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
CD: 3
Effect: Target enemy gets -75% Defense for 2 turns. This character gets focus for 2 turns and gains +50% AP.
Specialist Skill: Beheading
When this character lands the killing blow on an enemy, that enemy cannot be revived. WHen this character attacks an enemy that has 20% HP or less, the enemy will be immediately killed.

New Weapon

Gameplay Walkthrough

How to Collect

  • Stom’s collectibles are Storm Cards, available now in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 Storm Cards will be required for 5 Star Ascendable Storm.
  • 5 Star Ascendable Storm is guaranteed after 100 bonus opens on the wheel!
  • 6000 Storm Cards and 2 maxed out 6 Star Storm are required for S-Class Storm!
  • S-Class Storm can be obtained as a drop from the S-Class Recruits Wheel! NOW WITH DOUBLE THE ODDS!