Character Breakdown

Trait: ToughHealth4,075
Role: SupportDefense3,409
S- ClassAttack4,997
Rush: Disabling Blast
Cost: 76 AP
Effect : Deal 750% Damage to a line of enemies. Those enemies also get Daze and Impair for 2 turns. This character gets +100% Attack Down Resistance for 3 turns.
Active Skill: Remove all positive effects and Attack Up
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
CD: 3
Effect: Remove all positive effects from target enemy. This character and up to two other teammates get +75% attack for 2 turns.
Leader Skill:
All Tough and Strong Teammates get +50% Attack and a huge bonus to AP when attacking.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Daze and Impair

  • Marcus has a lot of great things going for it. He has impair and daze to control enemies and at the same time has an awesome active to setup himself and allies to deal killing blows.
  • Strong and Tough is a great attack combination with characters like Princess, Rick and Alpha finally getting to play on trait

How to Collect

  • Marcus’ collectibles are Marcus Cards, available now in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 Marcus Cards will be required for 5 Star Ascendable Marcus.
  • 6000 Marcus Cards and 2 maxed out 6 Star Marcus are required for S-Class Marcus!
  • S-Class Marcus can now be obtained as a drop from the S-Class Recruits Wheel! NOW WITH DOUBLE THE ODDS!