We recently passed our five year anniversary, and many of you have been with us since launch. It’s important to you and to us that we keep the game fresh and exciting. To do that, we need to continue to release new characters, introduce new ways to play, and create new experiences. The problem with introducing new content however, is that it extends the goal posts, which doesn’t always feel good or fun or fair. We are very aware that we have not always done a good job of introducing new content, like with 6-Stars or with S-Class. Too often, when we introduced new content in the past, we did not honor your investments or the time you spent building up your rosters.

With the Conquest release, we have taken a completely different approach. While we know the introduction of Mythic characters will change the meta, our goal with Conquest is to not only preserve your progress to date, but also reward you more fully for everything you’re bringing into the Mythic world.

What makes this different from past Roster “Resets”?

We believe that in the past our transitions to new tiers of fighter power have missed the mark for our players. With that in mind, we want to preserve your roster progress as much as possible during this update, and make sure that everything you’ve done in game matters.

We genuinely believe that the Conquest Update will be better for ALL players, and we intend for all current players to have a huge running start into the Mythic world based on their achievements and progress to-date. All players will be awarded Mythic fighters on the very first day of the Conquest Update, with clear paths to earning more. It is our goal to get all players fighting with Gold Mythic Fighters very quickly, which you will use in combination with your S-Class fighters to progress through the new game modes and new content.

You still want to progress your S-Class fighter collection as much as you can! All the work you’ve put into your S-Classes already will be extremely valuable for Mythic:

  1. The bigger and more powerful your S-Class roster is, the more Mythic fighters you’ll be able to acquire right away (more below)
  2. The power levels of Mythic fighters won’t immediately outmatch S-Class – You’ll want solid S-Class teams to participate in Wars, new PVE modes, and a variety of S-class specific roadmaps which will have new, exciting rewards
  3. S-Class fighters will be required to battle for valuable Mythic items and various old school events through roadmaps and other features

The S-Class roster you’ve built over time will be your direct path to acquiring a plethora of powerful Mythic fighters on Day 1. Here is how it will work:

  • S-Class fighters you have in your roster that are at Tier 2, level 110 or above will reward you with Mythic Tokens that will be used to claim Gold and Silver Mythic fighters in a new part of the Museum. Some details:
    • Newer S-Class Fighters will reward more tokens than older S-Class Fighters
    • Up to two copies of each Tier 2, level 110 S-class will award tokens
    • These token collections will also reward items to level up your newly acquired fighters
    • Over 35 Unique Mythic Fighters and more than 60 total Mythics can be acquired through the S-Class token exchange, which represents the large majority of Mythics available at launch. Most of the other launch Mythics not available in the Museum will be available through gameplay in other features.
    • No S-classes will be consumed in this process — you do not have to make any hard choices between keeping your old characters and acquiring new ones.
  • These rewards will be available in game through the Museum throughout the transition period (a few months), so you have time to complete your S-class collections and level them up!
    • This means that torch roadmaps, S-class museum collections, and other S-class items will remain in game during this transition period
    • As you complete and level up more S-classes during this time, you will earn even more Mythic rewards!

Non S-Class 6-Star Fighters can be ascended to a random Silver Mythic fighter, consuming the 6*’s used. This means that if you choose to, you can ascend up older Legendary characters into valuable Mythic Fighters on the first day of release and bolster your Mythic Roster. When you ascend a 6* Fighter, any Veteran Rings you used on that character will be refunded.

In addition to the S-Class transition plan and ability of 6-Stars to Ascend to Silver Mythics, we’re also taking many other steps to honor your progress across the game. We cover many of these in detail in other sections, but in short:

  • We’re updating Prestige Rewards and honoring all past activity
  • We’re introducing all-new Permanent Collections to reward your 6-Star Collections with new Mythic content
  • All 5-Stars can now be ascended into 6-Stars
  • Your S-Classes will continue to be useful in specialty Roadmaps, Arenas, Survival Road, and other key parts of the game. 
  • All the weapons and mods you’ve built will be essential to maximize the power of your Mythic teams

To further help you prepare for the introduction of Mythic characters, there will be a massive event leading up to Conquest launch that will help players finish off many of their current S-Class fighter collections and also earn collectibles that will be redeemable for Mythic Fighter rewards. More details on this event will be coming soon!

As we’ve expanded our catalogue of S-class fighters, we’ve seen how difficult it is to keep acquiring new S-class Fighters through the card system and we want this to change. New Mythic fighters will not take cards to redeem in the museum or 5* and 6* versions to ascend upwards – they will be directly awarded through Events, the Gray Market, Depots, and new Fighter Wheels. Our goal is for players to acquire a variety of characters and work towards improving their favorites, rather than being stuck on actually getting new character content.

This does not mean player choice will be going away – in our events, players will have often choices between which Mythic fighters they want to acquire. We will also be implementing a permanent Gray Market tab after launch where a variety of Mythic fighters will live, allowing you the player to pick and choose from some of your favorite characters.

Why Was this Change Necessary?

One of our main goals is to get back to our roots of strategic Road to Survival gameplay. As we analyzed the best ways on how to make this happen, we knew that using the current S-class combat meta was not the ideal method to do this. S-Class fighters are too complicated and they do too much in combat – each new fighter excels at many different combat roles. This is why we have decided to reset the meta without resetting your roster progress. We want you to jump into a new and exciting Conquest world while preserving the progress and work you’ve put into your account.

In addition, we want all the tournaments, events, and day to day activities in game to feel rewarding, which is challenging with our current S-class system. If you already have the Fighter whose cards are being offered in an event, playing in that event is less fun and less engaging. With our new Mythic Fighter Fusion System, every reward from every event will be useful and allow you to progress your fighters. We cover Mythic Fighters, and how they solve many of the meta problems and challenges in acquiring and improving Fighters HERE

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