Connor is a high ranking member of the Saviors.

Short-tempered and bloodthirsty, even other members of the Saviors know to steer clear of Connor. He’s quick to favor the violent and expletive laden approach, and is one of the first Saviors to suggest attacking Alexandria. He has been known to express his own regrets at having to kill other survivors, as he can emphasize with the struggles they’ve had to go through, but his guilt feels insincere when followed by his sadistic actions.

Special Weapon

Gameplay Overview

  • Connor is a ruthless and heinous villain working for the Saviors and Mythic Connor shows no mercy.
  • He Deals good damage to lines of enemies between his signature move and rush skill.
  • His mythic abilities cripple attackers and keep them taunted while topping off his Health with Bonus HP. 

How to obtain Mythic Connor

  • Mythic Connor will be part of the Step Up Recruits Wheel. Spin the wheel for a chance to obtain Mythic Connor.
  • Obtain up to 2 guaranteed Mythic Connors via the Step Up Recruits Mission Event.
  • You will need 2 copies of Mythic Connor in order to ascend him to Grade 5.