Is this reality? Or a fevered Dream?

In a dark and alternate future, Negan 2000 is one of the few survivors of a Super Soldier project designed to fight off the Alien Overlords responsible for the Zombie Apocalypse. With the same evil cunning that blessed the Negan of old, Negan 2000 is vastly superior, thanks to his new and upgraded robotic body. All his old weaknesses are part of the past, and now is the time to dish out some long-time-a-coming payback!

With a set of passive skills that will take his Payback Specialist skill to an all-new level of pain, he also adds a ton of utility by granting teammates camouflage with both his Adrenaline Rush and Signature moves!

Special Weapon

Gameplay Walkthrough

  • Negan is back and he’s calling in his debts!
  • Between his signature and rush, Negan ensures that all his allies are safe from unwanted splash damage
  • Negan’s mythic abilities allow him to stay alive and dishing out payback with his abilities to recover from DEF Down and heal up to max health

How to obtain Gold Mythic Negan 2000

  • Mythic Negan 2000 will be part of the Premier Mythic Wheel. Spin the wheel for a chance to obtain Mythic Negan 2000.
    • Obtain up to 2 guaranteed Mythic Negan 2000 via the Premier Recruits Bonus opens.
      • First guaranteed copy provided after 170 opens
      • Second guarantee copy provided after 340 opens
      • Note: Survivor’s Club Daily Pulls will be enabled for this wheel
    • You will need 2 copies of Mythic Negan 2000 in order to ascend him to Grade 5, and another to reach Limit Break 1.
    • Additionally, the following Gold Mythic Fighters will appear in the Premier Mythic Recruits wheel alongside Negan 2000:
      • Michonne
      • Andrea
      • Connor
      • Glenn
  • A select number of Mythic Negan 2000s will also be available to acquire via the Negan 2000 Sweepstakes. You can find all the details on this sweepstake here!
  • Additionally, our Content Creators Lockdown, Invisinerd, and JustCallMeTexx will be giving out a few Negan 2000’s via their channels throughout the course of Skybound X! Keep an eye on their channels for information on when and how to potentially win these!

Additional Notes

  • Negan’s color will be updated sometime during the Skybound X event to more accurately reflect the comic book.