He’s a little out there, but we love him! Davie is headed into battle & he’s covered in… junk?!

I guess it’s better than being covered in walkers..

  • Davie is out in the wild and trying to survive with the best of them, and this time he’s making sure his allies are ready to fight!
  • Davie starts us off with a brand new update to Overheal in Overheal 2! This specialist skill now heals an entire team allowing for a whole new take on sustaining your team.
  • Davie also is a master of healing over time and can place them on allies for the entire duration of combat!
  • Davie can make bleed and burn a thing of the past with his mythic passives!
  • Lastly Davie is all about reviving his allies and every turn he has a chance to do just that!