• Vance is the combat medic for the secret assassin group known as The Hidden! If given the right situation Vance can keep his team and himself alive indefinitely
  • A huge damage plus double revive rush is something that can swing a game dramatically in your favor and Vance prefers to use his rush as much as humanly possible
  • His signature move allows him to taunt enemies into himself which can direct damage right at himself…but that’s all a part of the plan!
  • His mythic passives allow him to heal allies when he takes damage and when he dies the real magic begins
  • With the combination of Halo on his third mythic passive and Outlast as a specialist skill it means he will be the first character in the game who can indefinitely die, outlast rush, then halo himself back creating an infinite cycle of reviving himself and his allies

NOTE: We are aware of a bug with Vance that will be fixed with the 32.0.2 Update. Make sure you are updated to the latest version to ensure Vance works properly for you. Check your device app store to update!