In game footage and character details not final
  • The Titan is finally here and ready to make a statement “JOIN THE NEW WORLD ORDER or be crushed under it’s boot!”
  • This leader rules with an iron fist and it shows in his kit, let’s take a look!
  • First his rush hits for an astonishing 1200% making him capable of one shotting any enemy in the Mythic world.
  • Hitting that hard has consequences and we wanted to make sure that The Titan is capable of precision killing, so his signature move comes with the all important and one of the most devastating abilities in RTS…. Normalize!
  • With all the killing Titan will be doing he needs to make sure whatever dies stays dead and his Decapitate Specialists skill does just that!
  • His Mythic passives give him trait advantage against every single trait in the game making Titan the perfect fit for every attack team in the game!
  • Titan is the must have member of the NWO and a foundation character for any successful attack team!

Titan can be found in the Museum as a trade in collection for 1,000 Titan Shards starting February 3rd, 2022.