• Mia joins the Road to Survival as an Amped specialist, which means if she has 100% HP at the start of her turn, she’ll get 50% of her max AP! She’ll be ready to rush, FAST!
  • Her attached 5-star weapon has Improved Healing in the 3rd slot, which means she could be healing up after every kill, and getting that +50% bonus to defense!
  • Mia’s Signature Move finally puts an end to that annoying Defense Down Block, removing it from enemies, giving them -25% Defense Down, then buffing Mia with +20% attack, which will increase by another 20% for each turn, INDEFINITELY!
  • Look for Mia to join the all-new Sunny Savior wheel with Guaranteed Opens at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 opens!

Check out Lockdown’s First Look video for Gold Mythic Mia!

We are aware of an issue with Amped and are currently working to resolve it.