• The mysterious voodoo witch Imani is said to have made her home among the graves of the long-forgotten. She fears no man or woman, living or dead! As the first Mythic Fighter to feature Exhaust, she’s bleeding out her opposition and punishing them when they gain extra AP with her rush! 
  • Imani arrives as a Resilient Specialist! She comes with Decapitate Resist in her kit as well so hopefully, the juju is on your side!
  • Imani’s attached weapon comes with Improved Absolute Defense + Slow! Not only that, but when she is killed, all the opponents get -30AP, and it’s likely she will be back with Halo in her Mythic Passives! 
  • As the first Ultra Recruit, make sure you take the opportunity to add Imani to your roster, as she will not return before War of Champions! 

Check out Lockdown’s First Look video at MAXED OUT Gold Mythic Imani!