• Gold Mythic Noor joins the Road to Survival as an Alert Medic for the RTS II Allegiance, plus she’s an Overheal II Specialist! That means when she’s healed over 100%, all of her team gets Bonus HP that ignores Heal Reduction! 
  • With her Mythic Passives, Noor will ensure the heals keep coming! She’s bringing Bonus HP, heals, and additional Max HP for her, but also giving a chance to heal a teammate for the rest of combat with each turn!
  • If the enemy is able to break through all those heals, her Adrenaline Rush brings Revives for TWO teammates, and then it dishes out the Trauma for 2 turns to 3 enemies based on her Max HP! That Mythic Passive we mentioned before making itself even more well known and doing more than just protecting! 
  • As if that wasn’t enough, her Signature Move gives her 50% Halo AND 50% Decapitation Resistance for 3 turns! Having been a Trauma Nurse before the walkers, there is no doubt Noor has what it takes to survive!

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