• Gold Mythic Preach threatens the Road to Survival and the Outlanders with an all-new Berserker II Specialist, now gaining a massive +40% Attack each time Preach is taking damage, and it’s stacking until the next turn!
  • Preach Taunts the enemy and gets bonuses when they attack with the Taunt! Taunting on his Adrenaline Rush and 5 Random Tough Enemies on his Signature Move! Then, when they attack, Preach gets 20% AP if they have Taunt, and a chance to reduce the damage, plus getting healed, all from those divine Mythic Abilities! 
  • Don’t underestimate the power of Preach and the crusade, or the enemy may meet the holy end of the attached 5-Star Weapon, Preach’s Savage Cross Staff! Reducing damage from basic attacks by 15%, those Taunted enemies will be going nowhere, and, with Improved AP Down when being hit, they won’t have any AP when it’s all over! 
  • Preach can Daze, Taunt, Tank, and Berserk his way to making sure the enemy understands the full scope and power of the greater good. Don’t miss his message!

Check out Lockdown’s First Look Video at maxed-out Gold Mythic Preach!