• Gold Mythic Jeremiah James debuts on the Road to Survival as a Fast Tank for the Woodbury Allegiance and a Bide II Specialist here to crusade against your teams in the name of a higher power!
  • Jeremiah James is dishing out Normalize with his Specialist Skill when he’s on defense, reducing 50% of the enemy’s AP for two turns and making sure they’re not Rushing or using their Specialist Skills either! 
  • Healing himself when being attacked unless he’s at max hp and Disarming enemy Medics at the start of each wave, it’s almost as if something spiritual is looking out for Jeremiah James! 
  • Plus, 5,000 Exhaust for two turns on Midnight Mass, his Mythic Passive will make sure Tough enemies think twice before they attack with him on the defense team! 

Check out Lockdown’s first look at MAXED OUT Gold Mythic Jeremiah James!