• Gold Mythic Off Duty Rick is our seventh-anniversary reward fighter to celebrate seven years of survival! With a leader skill that gives +40% HP to all teammates and buffs Alert and Tough team members with +50% Critical Hit Resist, he’s putting a roadblock between you and any greedy attempts to nuke his team!
  • Rick is an Alert Support fighter added to the Atlanta Allegiance, with a lust for bringing his enemies to justice for their sins! With big bonuses on his Adrenaline Rush against Strong fighters and his Signature Move against Damage Role fighters, the enemies will be gluttoned for punishment!
  • Off Duty Rick will give a +50% Normalize Resistance for Medic teammates at the start of each wave, protecting those who help to keep your teams alive longer and making your enemies envy your strength as they feel your wrath!
  • Your opponents cannot be slothful when taking on Rick! He’s clearing up being taunted with Focus for himself and a 60% chance of blocking Damage Role enemies from getting Attack Up, you can take pride knowing Off Duty Rick is on the case!

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